21 Savage - a lot ft. J. Cole



  • e w  (Feb 1, 2019))

    21 really reached a whole New Level with this Song

  • Marco Barragan  (19 hours ago))

    Same old savage

  • Faiyaz Kashfi Rian  (2 days ago))

    Why does this song seem perfect for his current immigration situation?

  • Laura Strait  (8 hours ago))


  • Diego Jimenez  (10 hours ago))

    Teardropangel30 Lmao. You’re dumb.

  • Zeloid  (1 day ago))

    21 savage: "I get paid to rap on beat"Blueface has left the chat

  • Hailey  (6 hours ago))

    Bruh 😂😂

  • Tonya Travis  (10 hours ago))

    +—— jsbseh

  • BlokBaby Squeak  (2 days ago))

    jus about 50k dislikes smh how can u hate this mans

  • Mikyla TheBeast  (27 minutes ago))

    Ikr, people are stupid and if they don't like the video then dont watch it why dislike it, that's bullcrap

  • Itza Me Sansa  (2 days ago))

    I think it’s beautiful how everyone has these different interpretations of what the video means. The video was dope and deep. The song and the video really speak to the meaning behind 21’s album title I Am > I Was or I am greater than I was. The switch from where past to present in the video was truly genius. The video signifies overcoming a past struggle to achieve that greatness you are today.

  • George Appentsen  (10 hours ago))

    Itza Me Sansa peak how most interpretations are about ICE

  • Emmanuel Kunda  (14 hours ago))


  • GG E  (Feb 4, 2019))

    How many years you stayed in America?21 savage: a lot

  • yung drippie redd  (11 hours ago))

    +Acho the savage triggered much? Huh?

  • Oh yeah yeah  (19 hours ago))

    GG E 😂😂😂

  • Cris Amaro  (3 days ago))

    Is it me or the a lot part describe Tristan Thompson 😹😹😹

  • domdom348  (4 days ago))

    "Some nibbas make millions other nibbas make memes" Best verse ever also at 2:47

  • domdom348  (10 hours ago))

    thanks for all the support never thought i would get this many likes

  • Lakendra Alexander  (12 hours ago))

    Respect for not using the N word

  • Max Ramirez  (2 days ago))

    How much homework you got?(A lot)Probably should do it lmao

  • Maria Ngwa  (6 hours ago))

    Guy: how many "a lot" do you want in this video?21 Savage: A lot