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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • hi babes!!!! welcome back to our channel! I hope you guys love this video of me fucking up Alondra's day, with ignoring her at first and then giving her a little shower, you know what I'm sayinnnnn'? hahaha. Also, we were kidding when the lady was talking to us, peace and love peace and love lol.WINNER FOR THIS VIDEO IS JASMIN SALDANA Her comment was "BON CLAP THEM CHEEKS" lol, feel free to DM us babes! Both of our outfits are from OOTDFash.http://www.ootdfash.comhttp://www.instagram.com/ootdfash Alondra's Social Media http://www.instagram.com/alondradessyhttp://www.twitter.com/alondradessy Snapchat: alondradessy Elsy's Social Mediashttp://www.instagram.com/elsyguevarahttp://www.twitter.com/elsyootdSnapchat: elsyelizabeth FOR THUMBNAILS http://www.instagram.com/eddyboy2WE'LL SEE YOU BABES IN OUR NEXT BIDEOOOO!


  • ginger
    ginger  a years ago +428

    When Alondra said “who WE textin” that’s when you know they best friends.

  • Allie Rivera!
    Allie Rivera!  11 months ago +318

    “Who we textin?!” takes a sip off her Starbucks literally me af!! Con la bestiee

  • Stacy Stephanie
    Stacy Stephanie  a years ago +376

    I just need a friend to take ONE picture of me and not complain 😒

  • Fios Chum
    Fios Chum  2 months ago +111

    “We’re not leaving here until you like one” that’s a real best friend y’all 💯‼️

  • Diana Velazquez
    Diana Velazquez  a years ago +281

    “We ain’t leaving here till you like one”.... girllllll I need me a friend like this

  • xo. vee
    xo. vee  a years ago +547

    yall dressed up like mustard and kethcup goals ahha

  • LEA 001
    LEA 001  a years ago +274

    I love alondras personality. Love how elsy laughs at her bff!! Your channel is starting to grow on me lol.

  • natee c
    natee c  a years ago +198

    Their outfits always be looking cute 😍😍😍.

  • jatziry Contreras
    jatziry Contreras  4 months ago +75

    Iam not hating on alondra or anything but alondra did get a butt lift or something her body looks differently now. But u go girl u look bomb asf ❣️😍 I love you both there is nothing wrong getting something done

  • Lizbeth Meza
    Lizbeth Meza  a years ago +51

    "large fries" lmfao y la dieta pa cuando 😂😂

  • evelin ultreras
    evelin ultreras  a years ago +57

    “Bottle wottle” ☠️☠️ I died all the way through I love your personalities💗💗💗

  • Daniela Sanchez
    Daniela Sanchez  a years ago +60

    Alondras personality is so funny❤️❤️😂

  • Bethany Ramirez
    Bethany Ramirez  21 days ago +7

    Alondra: “Look 12. 22!!” 😂😂😂

  • I C
    I C  2 months ago +28

    HAHAHA she said “you’re fake for pranking me” 😂💛

  • Josie Roman
    Josie Roman  8 months ago +41

    Alo you should prank elsy saying you prego!!

  • Kathy Avalos
    Kathy Avalos  2 months ago +14

    Elsy knows how to aaacccccttttt! Lmao.. I would've been cracking up by the first minute 😂😂 I can't with my best friend.

  • Lily Vang
    Lily Vang  a years ago +28

    You ladies literally make my soul so happy! I really wish I had friends like you in my life :(

  • Jennifer Daniela
    Jennifer Daniela  a years ago +80

    Team BOTH. Love you both equally ❤️ You guys are a package deal. Cant choose just one! lol

  • Damary Enriquez
    Damary Enriquez  a years ago +128

    Alondra is a real friend I swear . She didn’t even care that you were ignoring her .

  • Jaqueline Neri
    Jaqueline Neri  2 months ago +10

    For some reason I love to watch your videos at night cause they make me happy lol but I watched them all already so I need more uploads haha ❤️❤️