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  • Published on:  Friday, July 12, 2019


  • Roger That
    Roger That  1 months ago +1182

    Too bad our own homeless vets and citizens don't get the same amount of empathy, concern and urgency to help their situation.

  • Tom Lee
    Tom Lee  1 months ago +168

    I joined the armed service to protect American Citizens Constitutional Rights, not illegal immigrants.

  • jerry baker
    jerry baker  1 months ago +49


  • That1lameguy
    That1lameguy  1 months ago +112

    If you came here ILLEGALLY, you should be kicked right back from where you came from.

  • Angelo Perfili
    Angelo Perfili  1 months ago +81

    My father immigrated here after WWII and a torn Europe as a teenager. He did it LEGALLY and LAWFULLY. If it was good enough for HIM, it is good enough for THEM.

  • Scott Koehler
    Scott Koehler  1 months ago +73

    Keep the families together and send them back home

  • E James
    E James  1 months ago +49

    I am a legal American citizen and I wan't these illegals out! 🇺🇸

  • Marty Thornton
    Marty Thornton  1 months ago +13

    20 days send the whole family back to their own country problem solved

  • rick freitag
    rick freitag  1 months ago +41

    Send the country that they come from a bill. Shut down all the free things that retired Americans are paying for.

  • Alexander Adlumn
    Alexander Adlumn  1 months ago +27

    The policy should be Catch and Deport no asylum for law breakers. They come in caravans proudly flying their country's flag and once they get here we are supposed to feel pity for them and grant them asylum.

  • A patriot named Jeannine
    A patriot named Jeannine  1 months ago +362

    When an American goes to prison there’re separated from their family. Why should an illegal alien be treated differently????

  • Alberto Delgado
    Alberto Delgado  1 months ago +58

    The problem is that you give the money to corrupted officials and it never reaches the people in need..Stop maintaining corrupted officials in Latin America.

  • Brian Curran
    Brian Curran  1 months ago +17

    Democrats won’t agree on this they need immigrants votes 🗳.They don’t care if streets are full of homeless like San Francisco Nancy Pelosi city

  • Dave Fischer
    Dave Fischer  1 months ago +60

    Soon, Honduras, Guatemala, San Salvador, El Salvador, will cease to exist, why? Because their total country will be living in America...........ENOUGH !

  • Zainab Siddiqui
    Zainab Siddiqui  1 months ago +17

    Thank you Senator Graham.
    Respect from Scotland.

  • Susan Stapel
    Susan Stapel  1 months ago +461

    Who ever comes over the border ILLEGALLY should automatically be denied asylum! The way things are now it’s not fair to those following the law❗️

  • Robert V
    Robert V  1 months ago +28

    You can't just hand over moeny to there gov for there people we know that they will pocket it and it never gets to the people.

  • Shannon Rivers
    Shannon Rivers  1 months ago +34

    I hope that the government sends everyone to their countries they are invading all USA. This country is not the same with this invasion.

  • Zaphoid Beeblebrox
    Zaphoid Beeblebrox  1 months ago +11

    17 months before the 20 20 election. This Nightmare Must End.

  • Farmer Bold
    Farmer Bold  1 months ago +7

    REQUEST TO CONGRESS & MAYORS: Please stop letting piranha into the goldfish bowl.