Here's How My Viewers SAVED My Cheap Lamborghini From Being Totaled (AGAIN) - QUICK UPDATE

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 7, 2018
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  • Yosi Sela
    Yosi Sela  9 months ago

    so glad you went with gunmetal for the differential cover!! good choice. understated > overstated

  • Muhhamad Ogli-berdiev

    He is full of shit. he keeps saying his engine produces 1000hp, while all it did on dyno was like 600hp or something lol. I mean the guy is pulling our leg.

  • JK
    JK  10 months ago

    Most new boats have a "remote" fire suppression system. You can pull a lever from the driver seat that opens the fire extinguisher in the engine compartment.

  • Michalis Arapis
    Michalis Arapis  11 months ago

    why is the default subtitles korean lmfao

  • Craig Facey
    Craig Facey  11 months ago

    Two fire extinguishers in the cabin! For two reasons. Watch videos of other people's cars burning and one extinguisher is never enough. Secondly burning to death is not cool. So leave your useless owners manual at home to make some space 😉😎

  • BSfunk44
    BSfunk44  11 months ago

    In the future....maybe try to do less than 300 videos on the same car....never thought a Lambo could become so fucking boring..

  • dm8867
    dm8867  a years ago

    I have watched 2 of your videos now. The thing I liked most, was you saying your viewers suggestions so you can get it done, and have it as a safe driving car

  • Scott Bimmer
    Scott Bimmer  a years ago

    ffs get on with it

  • newsgetsold
    newsgetsold  a years ago

    An O ring did cause a fuel leak and an explosion in the 1986 fatal Space Shuttle disaster.

  • I C
    I C  a years ago

    lol good on you Halon is an ozone depleter, like your work so far :)

  • Rusted out 05' subaru impreza hoon car

    Kinda like this complicated geeky electronic, hydraulic stuff! The tie wraps you used to tie up the lines around the fuel pump were corrosive resistant right?

  • joseph wiliis
    joseph wiliis  a years ago

    Autozoner. Lol

  • Kamil Alsarhan
    Kamil Alsarhan  a years ago

    you should put the fire extinguisher inside the driver cabinet just behind the driver seat or something this will be much faster and better

  • Adam Ski
    Adam Ski  a years ago

    You need a large Co2 extinguisher. Kills fires with no mess. you could have back up dry powder in addition but as a last resort. Ideally to hand in the cabin-Somewhere??

  • Andrew S.
    Andrew S.  a years ago +1

    What blows me away is he spends hours on minutia to see that it's fixed, films it, edits it, then posts it. All that takes a LOT of time. Im sure he has it all streamlined but when I walk out of the garage, I want a beer. I credit him for cranking these videos out and not losing interest.

  • Crawl til You ball

    complete project means everything works

  • mikeguitarification

    just finish one project before jumping onto another please.

  • SuperGoooooooof
    SuperGoooooooof  a years ago

    I would put the small fire extinguisher down by the passenger seat. you don't want to be fumbling for the front trunk release when there is a fire.

  • What you Know
    What you Know  a years ago

    why cant he just the right o ring for fuel line, he becoming more of a hack,

  • Sixx3r
    Sixx3r  a years ago

    dont update until its 100% done.