Here's How My Viewers SAVED My Cheap Lamborghini From Being Totaled (AGAIN) - QUICK UPDATE

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 7, 2018
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  • Mutation  8 months ago

    I AM A TIME TRAVELLER ...It is year 2067, and Tavarish made an update video saying he is almost done with his lambo! Finishing touches are left...

  • Daniel  8 months ago

    Time traveller here too, it's the year 4760 and apparently he's still working on the final touches and by this time, he have achieved immortality and have filmed about a million videos about this particular gallardo.

  • Ryan Coffman  8 months ago

    Haven’t even been a year

  • CROOKED CLOWN  8 months ago

    Instead of putting the fire extinguisher in the front trunk put it at the base of the drivers' seat. Time is extremely critical after the fire starts.

  • MV60  8 months ago

    But you want to get out of a burning car first without worrying about the extinguisher. Having it at the opposite end of the car to the potential fire source is much better.

  • Tomasz Dominikowski  8 months ago

    Tavarish, seriously, get a 2kg automotive grade fire extinguisher with a bracket and mount it at the bottom front of the driver's seat. Learn how to use it, not only how to trigger it, but how to put out the flame.

  • OMGWTFLOL  8 months ago

    Or just buy and drive a damn car that doesn't catch fire regularly.

  • It’s very possible the top ecu looks for an “all clear” signal from the spoiler ecu to insure that the wing isn’t damaged when opening the top.

  • Russell Culver  8 months ago

    Bingo. This is it.

  • TheTurnipKing  8 months ago

    Unless something had already been done to the rear end. Which we know it had, since one of the modifications it had already had was a new rear wing.It bears checking.

  • Joachim Løkås  8 months ago

    I can't wait for in a year when we'll have the 1000hp cheapest Range Rover build.

  • Benjamin Hogervorst  8 months ago

    Umm.... **Twin Turbo 1000HP Range Rover** is actually more correct.

  • Saad .r  8 months ago

    What i learned from this channel is "never buy a lamborghini"

  • STIGu1993  8 months ago

    *never buy modified TWIN TURBO !!!! Lambo which cought fire ;)

  • Eatongee  8 months ago

    Tavarish. I love you man. But this one is moving way too slow. Yawn. C'mon! We need content!

  • Zero Two [002]  8 months ago

    @kliptor3 8 months

  • Roland Sandström  8 months ago

    FF. Fast forward the whole video.. nothing new...just talk..

  • Bran  8 months ago

    Tavarish I really liked your videos when you started, but this whole Lambo thing is ridiculous. The very people that give you the power and job you do are telling you how to improve your content, and instead of listening to you leave for weeks and heart comments so those negative ones don't show up, we know what you're doing Tavarish. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I really do enjoy your builds and some of the learning you can get from it, but listen to your fans!

  • Troels Christensen  8 months ago

    Its funny how, all the things you’re talking about, is the same things you talked about, approx 2 months ago, and nothing has happend yet