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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 27, 2017
  • TRAPPIN IN JAPAN 3***Official SPOTIFY PLAYLIST**** stream :▶▶TRACKLIST▶▶---------------------------------00:00 DJ YUNG VAMP - BLESSING Juicy J - 30 Inches (Yung Gud Remix)6:21 DJ YUNG VAMP - LOOK AT ME NOW Yoshimitsu - Down to kill10:00 Kl3W - Someday boy gem - NEUROTIC RICH CHIGGA - DAT $TICK (/KXLD. Remix) JASON RICH - Stay Flyhttps://soundcloud.com19:43 yenyenyen - HAVEN RICH BEATZ - _beatz25:53 SBOY - SUNSHINE SHOOOTERZ safari - new life PATDADDYPURP - GLOCK HANDY yung castor - TERROR lilac - itachi ghostphoto - lost lighter win32 - smooth operator by EmotionalTokyo - DJSMOKEY666▶▶Images: with me! @RyanCelsius : : 공부 type beat idle


  • lokmard lokmardson
    lokmard lokmardson  2 years ago +1955

    Good help if you are trying to quit smoking.

  • Cal Beats
    Cal Beats  2 years ago +2241

    lowkey this guy is a bus driver in japan

  • Infinite Channel
    Infinite Channel  a years ago +551

    This was the mix I listened to during my first month in Japan. I can't even turn this thing on without getting chills now. Listening to this, I can clearly remember the sensation of the Nagoya subway, the feeling of being excited to go out for a fun night with friends, and just exploring Japan.
    Luckily I'll be moving back to Japan this year! But in the meantime this mix makes me feel like I am legit there.
    Amazing stuff.

  • Tischa1994
    Tischa1994  a years ago +303

    By far the best one. A masterpiece. They will be teaching this in music school in 2060.

  • Ruben
    Ruben  a years ago +450

    I live the life i deserve, bless.

  • AdSanz
    AdSanz  6 months ago +175

    smoking a fat blunt to this, damn it feels like I'm really trapping in japan

  • LSA
    LSA  6 months ago +184

    Good fortune to all those who find themselves in this warm comment section, be it in the morning as you're waking up, or the late hours of the night before your sleep.
    Remember, you're amazing.

  • Devastate
    Devastate  1 months ago +37

    S T I L L T R A P P I N I N 2 0 1 9

  • G h e n o
    G h e n o  3 days ago +2

    the comment of a non smoking person u been searching for :3

  • Nando Oliveira
    Nando Oliveira  a years ago +58

    t r a p p i n ® i n s ã o p a u l o l i v e s

  • Max Compilations
    Max Compilations  a years ago +94

    this needs to be in vr

    CRVX'S MXND  1 months ago +21


  • Luke Nolan
    Luke Nolan  a years ago +81

    First remix is hard

  • Pedro Fernandes
    Pedro Fernandes  a years ago +52

    Shit dawg, this is the most lit playlist i ever heard.. and i have heard a lot of this videos. Keep up

  • sunjot grewal
    sunjot grewal  2 years ago +619

    do trapping in Uganda

  • SleuthChipperson
    SleuthChipperson  1 months ago +19

    how much weed was consumed to create this video? genius

  • Vinz Skuh
    Vinz Skuh  7 days ago +2

    I wrote a comment 9 months ago about the first song. I’m in love with it and I always listen to it often. If you could upload it on Spotify it would be so cool but I know it’s impossible. Love from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  • Issa Rice
    Issa Rice  an hour ago

    I was surprised to hear snow tha product in this

  • ObservantJim
    ObservantJim  2 months ago +3

    God damn I love Snow Tha Product! Amazing mix brother

  • Evan Harants
    Evan Harants  7 days ago +2

    Does anyone know what that sick motorcycle anime thing is called and how I can watch it lol