Odyssey | Login Screen - League of Legends

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 11, 2018
  • The official login screen for Odyssey.


  • Nahuel Armesto  10 months ago

    Marvel : guardians of Galaxy vol. 3 Is cancelledRiot: hold my beer . . .

  • Shiva garland  3 months ago

    @i need money for schooling Borderlands : Now we lead this

  • Dante Aqueveque  7 months ago

    I'm dying of laught

  • Heng Fei Zhang  10 months ago

    Guardians of high bronze

  • Minh Ho  yesterday

    I can't stop laughing into this cmt

  • Night Huntsman  3 months ago

    *Kayn Smurf*

  • Lazar Stefan  10 months ago

    Is this why Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 was cancelled?

  • KaminoX Kage  2 months ago

    @Moopey 343 the moment I saw the Trailer for the skins I instantly knew and it's obvious Jinx is supposed to be Star Lord lol

  • G amer74  6 months ago

    Marvel:wer being outclassed

  • MrFishbone111  10 months ago

    I wish the hype music at the beginning lasted longer.

  • Boltz  2 months ago

    MrFishbone111 same

  • KaminoX Kage  3 months ago

    Its all great i like both parts

  • LordVeral  10 months ago

    i need more of that 0:00 to 0:45 music

  • Tên Méo Có`  4 months ago

    search Youtube for its rock part

  • Carlos Dannyel  6 months ago

    Playlist 2019--- thanks me later

  • Milk Man  7 months ago

    "0:00" - "0:45" Riot please make a full version or maybe a song

  • @Sbotkin Thanks man !

  • SanEnNak  2 months ago

    Black Keys - Moan guitar riff is almost the same there you have it :)

  • L u m ı n o u s  10 months ago

    All thats missing is Odyssey Ivern for groot

  • UltraX  16 days ago

    @Nobit how tho lul

  • ShadowMark Zed  2 months ago

    Yasuo - starlordJinx - gamoraSona - mantisZiggs - rocket racoonDrax - malphiteIvern - groot

  • RezoneGAMES  10 months ago

    Where is my Rocket Raccoon Heimerdinger skin?

  • KaminoX Kage  3 months ago

    The Super Galaxy and Odyssey are two completely different skin lines argument invalid, super galaxy is more of like power rangers or voltron themed

  • Ice White  4 months ago

    should be veigar instead :)

  • marco ruiz  10 months ago

    Wallet: I don’t feel so good......

  • nome sobrenome  9 months ago


  • Somite  10 months ago


  • E.SHUTRICK  10 months ago

    League of legends: Infinty war

  • Issac The Issac  7 months ago

    kayn: after i finish collecting all the ora. i shall destroy half of this pityful planets population! non shall stop me!rhasst: settle down... you're embarrassing yourself...

  • Deathpacito  8 months ago

    Fed mundo is Thanos...