i wrote a song... (movies end) //tate mcrae

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 24, 2018
  • based on a very equal vote i've decided to do both!!
    please let me know what you thought of this one! love you guys with all of my heart and am so grateful!

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  • Tate McRae
    Tate McRae  a years ago +5598

    hey guys, what do you think??!! let me know below 😍😍

  • Stacey Salgado
    Stacey Salgado  3 hours ago

    Let’s be honest you probably have a crush and you probably don’t think they like you back.just remmber that you will find happiness even if it’s not with them❤️

  • Sangya Chemjung
    Sangya Chemjung  15 hours ago

    I imagine a girl wearing a hat covering her face standing holding daisies

  • hh hh
    hh hh  17 hours ago

    the ending made me gasp. i love this girl and her songs way too much

  • Mary Castillo
    Mary Castillo  4 days ago

    I only say wow

  • Jadyn Ocampo
    Jadyn Ocampo  5 days ago +1

    Can this be on spotify

  • Keila Souzaa
    Keila Souzaa  6 days ago

    A voz dela é perfeita!

  • Addy
    Addy  7 days ago

    Omg I wish this was on Spotify I love this song so much

  • Alexa Peralta
    Alexa Peralta  7 days ago

    That ending is beautiful I hope you know that what your doing changes peoples life like mine your a relatable person and such a talented one too keep going I hope you see this.love you 💕

  • pepe gonzalez
    pepe gonzalez  7 days ago


  • Shane Praksham
    Shane Praksham  7 days ago

    That smile she gave in the end😍

  • Wolfygamer 01
    Wolfygamer 01  7 days ago

    Love your voice and all of your music keep on doing this I love it!!

  • Mikelsa Ng
    Mikelsa Ng  7 days ago

    life is like a movie because everyone around are allways acting nothings real but then again if life was like a movie

  • iihxney_rxses
    iihxney_rxses  7 days ago

    Anyone else hear:
    But still beneath his bad eyes sksk still knew...

    Love you lol!!!

  • Ellie Conway
    Ellie Conway  14 days ago


  • Harry is not on fire

    This is one of those songs i wish i wrote haha! The chorus is genius and i keep coming back to this :)<3

  • mInImEcO
    mInImEcO  14 days ago


  • loner girl
    loner girl  14 days ago +1

    Makes me think of my boyfriend who I really really like bcos we was so close for ages and now he barely messages me 💔

  • Abby Boergert
    Abby Boergert  14 days ago

    this is still my favorite song ever by you

  • Stella Bates
    Stella Bates  21 days ago +1

    why do i love this song its her voice