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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 17, 2019
  • The Nigel Farage Show is live from Strasbourg at 6pm.

    With the final Conservative leadership hustings tonight, Nigel Farage is asking: What golden question would you put to the future Prime Minister?

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  • Chris H.
    Chris H.  6 months ago

    the man is the greatest fool on earth. Very good in raking in EU money. € 6800 a month for himself. A disgrace!!!!!!

  • patrick devitt
    patrick devitt  6 months ago

    49.30 LINDA. Duckduckgo ROBIN TILBROOK. Duckduckgo DADDY DRAGON.

  • Scott Fleming
    Scott Fleming  6 months ago

    We haven’t even formally rejected this deal with the EU - If we do that we put negotiations firmly back in the EU court. Article 50 states that, ‘...the EU council WILL negotiate AND conclude an agreement...’ As long as we HAVE THIS DEAL ON THE TABLE...why would the EU negotiate again?? Common sense - GET THE DEAL OFF THE TABLE!

  • Marconi Greenwood
    Marconi Greenwood  6 months ago

    If brexiteurs are so confident about the prospects for their project they should agree to absorb all of the costs and in return they can keep 100% of the benefits.

  • Kaysha P
    Kaysha P  6 months ago +1

    Why are we still in eu and why are we still importing so many goods into the U.K.? we have massive inflation going on and must stop now!

  • Om Ram
    Om Ram  6 months ago

    Nigel is a liar!!! Why did you lie, Nigel?

  • Leonna Graca
    Leonna Graca  6 months ago

    That was it would be a miracle if we leave on the 31st. Vote brexit party when there is a general election

  • Gary Powell
    Gary Powell  6 months ago

    On the question of unifying the country. It could be argued that the country has never been more united, but it rather depends on how you look at it. Getting 52% on a very high turnout to agree to positive action is astounding. The fact that two areas of the UK marginally voted differently, should be all but irrelevant, as virtually no policy or proposal would suit every particular constituency, or demographic. The Scots could be offered another referendum, at some time in the future, but only when we have all seem for ourselves how Brexit turns out in practice. IMO the reason why so many are irrationally opposed to Brexit, is because deep down they know that virtually none of their flagrant scaremongering will actually happen. The frogs, sky and pound won't fall, the aeroplanes will still fly, the sun will still rise in the morning, the Black Death will not reappear, trade will very largely carry on as normal, and possibly increase, while the BBC will still be talking crap, remoaners will still be moaning, and our politicians, most especially those of The SNP, will still be lying their butts off.

  • Chloe Kent
    Chloe Kent  6 months ago

    It's over now brexit was never going to happen now MP's have voted for blocking no deal Brexit we will stay in.Hilary Benn Labour tabled the motion to block so we will never leave, The vote was for nothing and we will just sit back and take it.

  • daNorse
    daNorse  6 months ago

    General election NOW to save the country before Halloween!

  • TexasToast
    TexasToast  6 months ago

    Nigel is a lot more polite to Ian than I would be after Ian’s shameful scolding of Nigel a few weeks back.

  • Eileen de Lapp
    Eileen de Lapp  6 months ago

    If Boris has wanted to be PM since age 15, then he needs to go down in history as the person who lead Britain out of the EU and rebuilt the country. Otherwise why get the job?

  • Gary Nichols
    Gary Nichols  6 months ago

    October 31st? Thank you, I'll put that in the diary.

  • Gary Powell
    Gary Powell  6 months ago

    One thing which worries me about Boris, is his fanatical admiration of Winston Churchill. Churchill was well known for being all things to all people at any particular moment, while also being an unparalleled warmonger. A conservative one day, a liberal next, and back to being a conservative again. A supporter of Stalin's Soviet Union, when it suited him, and then Communism greatest opponent, when not. A free market proponent one day, and a welfare state advocate on the second. All Churchill seemed to be really interested in, was fighting wars, and making a name for himself. Which lets face it, he certainly managed to achieve.

  • Robert Kirk
    Robert Kirk  6 months ago

    I would ask Boris if he is prepared to see the end of the Tory party if he does not deliver Brexit on a No deal basis.

  • Bayzid Hossain
    Bayzid Hossain  6 months ago

    This is really hard for swallowing anymore bullying from EU. What a nasty media propaganda

  • David Hora
    David Hora  6 months ago

    How could Scotland be independent under the sway of the over bearing EU.

  • Attilla The Brit
    Attilla The Brit  6 months ago

    the SNP wanted to leave the UK when we were in the EU
    the SNP want to leave the UK if it leaves the EU
    the SNP just wants to leave the UK FULL STOP

  • Tim Porter
    Tim Porter  6 months ago

    18:14. Thank me later 🤗

  • lightworkeight
    lightworkeight  6 months ago +1

    Boris, I know this is unfair since you havent officially taken the helm. But Brexit cannot wait until Oct 31st. There is currently a German bailout of Deutsche Bank (DB) in progress masked as the separation into a bad bank of E50 billion in long dated derivatives underwritten by the German taxpayer, possibly EU taxpayer. But in 2018 DB only reported a profit of E267million yet it is supposedly the worlds 6th largest bank. DBs total exposure to derivatives is around E43 trillion. You need to immediately quarantine the UK from these bad debts based upon the submission date of Article 50 and bring forward our Leave date.