10 Video Game Characters That React To You Being A Creep

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 24, 2019
  • Maybe don't stare at the character's crotch?

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  • David Herron
    David Herron  5 hours ago

    It's a bit weird really , kill mame stab shoot but do not look at her panties that is unacceptable. Oh the insanity of convention

  • Gilmore
    Gilmore  8 hours ago

    The virtue-signalling is strong with this wet-fart soy boy

  • Nathan Jolly
    Nathan Jolly  21 hours ago

    Deus. Ex. 1.

  • Robert Gonzalez

    Holier then thou.

  • Voll Ständig
    Voll Ständig  yesterday

    The Quiet thing sounds like a HUGE spoiler!

  • R_Valkyrie
    R_Valkyrie  yesterday

    In Resident Evil DS, you can poke on Jill's boobs and she will react.

  • Aperture Productions Studios

    Ewww Miku Disgusting

  • Larnciel darknciel

    I look at Ashlee's Underwear so much that at some point she stop caring. To be honest I wouldn't have noticed the underwear, but the game did this pervert thing every time you look up to catch that useless character. I discovered that if you scope with your rifle at the right angle you can see it all, and she won't say anything. she could have a different outfit, but the real perverts are those who designed Ashley. I think it was more than a joke since it is impossible not to get called pervert by Ashley. You have to look up to know she is there.

  • Insert Witty Name

    Tbh I was never that upset at "upskirts" and beautiful women in video games, even as a girl. That stuff doesn't appeal to me obviously, but there are so many sexualized MALE characters and girls try to get something out of that too. It's just a lot easier to look up a skirt, so of course it's more common.

  • Context Is Everything

    Things were so much nicer before SJW / white knight types took over the gaming scene.

  • Ross Horan
    Ross Horan  2 days ago

    I'm surprised that the Deus Ex womens toilet lecture from Manderly isn't in there

  • Mycelium Knight
    Mycelium Knight  2 days ago +1

    Dragon Age 2 in the black emporium Xenon reacts to you inspecting the nude andraste statue. DO NOT FONDLE ANDRASTE

  • ‎ ‎
    ‎ ‎  2 days ago

    wtf he didnt show nothing

  • Joel Roldan
    Joel Roldan  2 days ago

    I swear I did it by mistake 😂😂

  • Pancakedino9356
    Pancakedino9356  3 days ago

    Wait! You mean, that I played the entirity of Lollipop Chainsaw and resisted the urge to look, only to find out now, that there's an achievement linked to that?! That's hilarious!

  • SpicyStuff1206
    SpicyStuff1206  3 days ago

    ok ripoff of gameranx

  • IJustAm
    IJustAm  3 days ago

    she wouldnt be quiet anymore after i was done with her. Giggity.

  • KingTater
    KingTater  3 days ago

    It's funny how puritan this man tries to be. Ah well, I guess hyppocrisy pays off cause this video got well over 2m views. Gotta pay the bills eh Whatculture gaming?

    ROBLOX TV  3 days ago +1

    1:46 top 10 worst anime games made in human history

  • 3rooklyn
    3rooklyn  4 days ago

    Who cares that slut from Lollipop Chainsaw was a little cocktease anyway!😂