Dear YouTube!

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 29, 2018
  • An open letter to YouTube; 2018.YouTube's tweet: forum post: Insider Video: Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.comVideo Gear I use: I'm using right now: Track: Weight by Mr J Medeiros~


  • Amine
    Amine  a years ago +2115

    Dear Youtube

  • Jay Jenkins
    Jay Jenkins  a years ago +176

    At this time, 1,000 times more people have seen this video than that forum they posted.

  • MineCrusher
    MineCrusher  a years ago +486

    Youtube, please change that blocked channels do not appear in the trending page and in my recommendations. If I block somebody there is a reason for it so I do not want to face the person on this platform. Thank you.

  • Adam Redmond
    Adam Redmond  a years ago +114

    Dear Youtube, let Marques run the platform, Thanks.

  • Haurjie
    Haurjie  a years ago +472

    The black sound panel on the right side (or your left side) is losing its symmetry. Maybe check the adhesive behind it if that's what you're using to hold it up. Sorry my OCD got to me :). Great video!

  • Veridian
    Veridian  a years ago +1679

    Dear YouTube

  • True Cuckoo
    True Cuckoo  a years ago +107

    YouTube is in the position to really hurt YouTube if they keep handling things bad over and over again..

  • Unfoldedwarrior
    Unfoldedwarrior  a years ago +284

    the new CEO ruined youtube

  • Doug Hewson YT
    Doug Hewson YT  a years ago +35

    Well explained and a thoughtful solution. Issue: the experiment is a viewers end experiment, not a creator’s end experiment. The random 0.3% are viewers, not channels. My understanding is that the selected viewer sees ALL thumbnails as auto-generated, so it would not be practical from an experiment POV to have a channel opt out.

  • MrJupiter65
    MrJupiter65  a years ago

    When I saw deer YouTube My Heart sunk in my chest. I was afraid you were going to say goodbye to us. So just in case something happens from the deepest part of my heart I want you to know how much we appreciate you and all the hard work you put into your Channel. You're an example of what people should do and be a role model in Tech. And with that said very proud of you for keeping your composure. And YouTube if any of you had a brain in your head you would hire him freelance to help you with this stuff. Stop leaving good creators out of the loop. They're your greatest resource. It's too late to get into the TV game so quit it and focus on your creators. And yes I will repost this on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Nerdy Hustle
    Nerdy Hustle  a years ago +2717

    This will never work...because it makes too much sense.

  • Cyber Editing
    Cyber Editing  a years ago +84

    Communication has always been YouTube's Achilles heel !

  • Nils Buchholz
    Nils Buchholz  a years ago +12

    You did it in a very respectfull and constructive way, I like it.

  • Ruslan Cheremnykh
    Ruslan Cheremnykh  a years ago +1

    Dear YouTube where’s our freedom “America”

  • SUM1
    SUM1  a years ago +1

    YouTube, stop recommending me videos I've already seen.

  • Shahmeer Abbas Official
    Shahmeer Abbas Official  a years ago +753

    Dear YouTube
    Please listen to Marques (MKBHD)

  • abhimanyu sharma
    abhimanyu sharma  a years ago +1

    YouTube should give us YouTube hours as in how many hours we’ve watched YouTube for.

  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez  a years ago

    When that Instagram money starts coming in.....
    Just kidding, I've had the same problems with YouTube for a while now.

  • Zopton
    Zopton  a years ago

    I was in that .3% and i thought that my channel was broken it really messed with me and there was no warning. It just happened like i agree with what you said i wish i got a pop up saying hey can we do this with you and it said yes or no but they dont and it feels intrusive.

  • Cassie Goes
    Cassie Goes  a years ago

    Saw you on Hot Ones and while I feel I spend 16 hours a day on youtube, I hadn't come across you yet. Because of the time I spend and the creators I follow I keep wondering who is in charge of the creator community. I literally live 5 miles from YouTube's South San Francisco office and I've looked up a job to see if they have a team because if the LARGE creators are having issues with communication and notification, then the smaller creators are SOL!
    Thanks for sharing this - I am not a creator but I am a consumer of the youtube product so I hate to see these things mess up my fave channels with little to no warning or explanation. What I do know a lot about customer experience and how to communicate when making changes and they need either new people or create a whole new team!