You'll Burn 11 Calories Watching This Video

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 8, 2018
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  • Micah Philson
    Micah Philson  a years ago +2190

    I love how Michael is basically just like an old, tenured professor at this point. He does what he wants wherever and whenever on whichever show he wants. He just shows up, is recognized and loved, teaches and cracks jokes, and disappears again.
    All the while we feel better off for having at least seen him even if he didn't really do anything for the show whatsoever!

  • Anna Does Things
    Anna Does Things  a years ago +1040

    At this point Michael and Jake could be brushing their teeth and I'd watch it

  • Wallywutsizface
    Wallywutsizface  a years ago +287

    Why didn’t you just boil water and put it in the fridge in advance so you didn’t have to wait for it to boil?

  • Taikamuna
    Taikamuna  a years ago +170

    4:49 a wild Michael in his natural habitat

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson  a years ago +49

    I hope Michael’s scooter keeps making occasional appearances.

  • SeEsS
    SeEsS  a years ago +32

    the whole Vsauce "flock" of channels get memer and messier by the day and I feel so good whenever I see it come true in a video.

  • Arbiter
    Arbiter  a years ago +357

    Michael is like a guy

  • Stop Feminism
    Stop Feminism  a years ago +60

    Thank me later

  • Cinfoni Spatium
    Cinfoni Spatium  a years ago +9

    Everything Michael does in his videos can be converted to a meme, everything

  • Joey Benton
    Joey Benton  a years ago +22

    Jake has really outdone himself this time. Wildly hilarious but to the point and educational. Love the great work man.

  • juice
    juice  a years ago +30

    fun fact: there is another kind of tastebud that was semi-recently discovered which specifically tastes calcium for some reason. when a researcher was asked to describe what exactly calcium tasted like when stimulating those taste buds, he replied with "it tastes like calcium"

  • Marconzilla
    Marconzilla  a years ago +17

    i want michael to scoot close to me and tell me all of my mistakes and then just leave

  • Chad Mojito
    Chad Mojito  a years ago +55

    We call em calories here in France too, even if most people know it's actually a kcal. It's just more convenient.

  • Software Man
    Software Man  a years ago +1009

    Fine, i'll just watch this video a 100 times and skip gym today.

  • Ahm Kil
    Ahm Kil  a years ago +7

    1 degree celcius being change in temperature not the actual temperature measured at 1 degree celcius. So in Fahrenheit it would be 1.8 degrees not 33.8.

  • Kelvin Lee
    Kelvin Lee  a years ago +6

    1:37 When you do the conversion of 1 degree celcius to farhenheit, but forget that you're talking about 1 unit and not the absolute temperature, so it should be 1.8 instead of 33.8. !_!

  • TheDarxide23
    TheDarxide23  a years ago +8

    You can save soft boiled eggs in the fridge for exactly 12 longs.

  • Event Hʘriךּon
    Event Hʘriךּon  a years ago +3

    or any of that kind of services:
    they sell you one dose of what you need and thhey ship it to you --> you get packaging for every portion and a lot more fuel gets used up by the additional transport! also perishables are sent more often and in half empty trucks because of the urgency!
    Go to the grocery store near your house instead! You can buy a week worth of groceries, you get fit in the process, stuff gets moved by car only once and you support your local shops and businesses making your town richer instead of giving money to a central shipper.

  • Gavin
    Gavin  a years ago +896

    But how many calories are on a smudgy screen?

  • VonHousin
    VonHousin  a years ago +113

    rip Micheal :'(