🔥 i9 MacBook vs Laptop Cooling Pads! Worth it?

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • Testing out various laptop cooling stands - are they worth it?
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  • George Katsanos
    George Katsanos  7 days ago

    Thermal throttle expensive pieces of s$$$. stop promoting the Macbook pros. the post 2015 machines are the worse things ever built for value for money

  • Karl Jo
    Karl Jo  21 days ago

    If you are just blowing air to the metal, it won't make the metal cooler, unless the metal has water on it and evaporation cools the metal, so the cooling pad is useless.

  • Sven Van Gestel
    Sven Van Gestel  a months ago

    You must take the test with a gameming laptop and then with your heat testing and take the tester go on at take the pads

  • saadli
    saadli  a months ago

    so scientific ...

  • Adam Rabczuk
    Adam Rabczuk  a months ago

    "This is metal, you are cooking your laptop" Uhmm.... Hard to argue with that solid reasoning. I guess that's why radiators get hot, right?

  • suraj yadav
    suraj yadav  a months ago

    Which school u want? cause Metal is good conductor of heat dumbo😑 😶

  • Pepe The frog
    Pepe The frog  2 months ago

    Should have tested with something like cinebench + if MacBook is thermally throttling software update just makes it run on lower frequency it can't otherwise lower the temperature.
    Anyway bad teating, dislike.

  • Jono Spiro
    Jono Spiro  2 months ago +2

    No, your video was not “worth it?”

    Seriously, you think a large metal grill cooks your computer? It literally spreads the heat over a larger surface area and blows fans over it. Anything else is just blowing air on the laptop.

    Your testing methodology didn’t measure anything practical, you made a faulty assumption about heat and rendering times.

    And why do you stare at the camera when you’re talking to him? Creepy.

  • AR极乐世界
    AR极乐世界  2 months ago +1

    5:36 https://www.applemuseum.com/en/
    12:32 😂🔪
    15:23 total Result Bamboo is best🎋🎍

  • Luiza Serrano
    Luiza Serrano  2 months ago

    terrible tests, you know if you do the tests right after the other first ones will benefit from it

  • EZRA Weller
    EZRA Weller  2 months ago

    "Lets put you off to the side my little friend"

    Macbooks are not your friend

    GALACTIC PEANUT  3 months ago

    They need to do it on a computer without a fan

  • Squaller
    Squaller  3 months ago

    why not just use Macs fan control lol

  • sOuA
    sOuA  3 months ago

    you guys didnt wait for the laptop to go back to normal temperature smh

  • Mikele Schnitman
    Mikele Schnitman  3 months ago

    measuring time is one thing, but you actually needed to measure temperatures!

  • J C
    J C  3 months ago +14

    The methodology is so wrong.
    This looks like 8th grader's test.

  • IllFigureThisOutLater A

    17:35 has to be the most retarded thing i have heard in my life. Variation of temperature doesn’t matter? If the temperature didnt matter, then why does it run below base clock speeds under full load? And the “patch” was just apple undervolting to try to keep the cpu at better temps, which of course didnt work. They put an overpowered cpu in a laptop with a terrible cooling solution. The next steps? Overprice it and lie to consumers about how powerful it is. On another note the reason the cooling pads did nothing is because the vents in the mbp are tiny and at the hinge, giving very little air flow. All those pads did was cool the bottom of the chassis, not the cpu. Watch dave2d put one of these in a freezer and run some tests, then tell me temps dont matter. Got me tilt. And f u apple

  • Tex Mex
    Tex Mex  4 months ago +4

    Covering the bottom of the computer in an insulating layer of 3M vinyl wrap, and then blowing air on the bottom of the computer to cool it is pretty funny.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson  5 months ago

    You’ve put the fans below the outflow fan. Blowing hot air back in.
    Put the fans below the base only.
    At best it will cool the metal heatsink plate, perhaps doing slight good.
    Blowing hot air straight back in will do no good. It will do lots bad.

  • 高登·屁孩 Pboy_gordon

    C'mon, you can do many things in 4 seconds....