Smooth Jazz Cafe 10 Hours

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 6, 2018
  • Peaceful & Calm Jazz Instrumentals - Relaxing Smooth Saxophone & Piano Background for Full 10 Hours! *** I have all the licenses and commercial use rights for this video and sound ***


  • Francis Mausley
    Francis Mausley  6 months ago +5

    Smooth jazz... thanks. 🌺🌼🌸 "We have made music a ladder by which souls may ascend to the realm on high." ~ Baha'u'llah 🌷🌹💐

  • Kimberley Aultman
    Kimberley Aultman  a years ago +22

    Beautiful music!🍯

  • Mariana Santa Cruz
    Mariana Santa Cruz  5 months ago +4

    Excelente música relajante!!😊

  • Drica Marvoc
    Drica Marvoc  3 months ago +2

    Música de altíssima qualidade! Parabéns!

  • yumi smily
    yumi smily  3 months ago +3


  • hide hide
    hide hide  6 months ago +1

    🙂毎晩聴いてます。Cafe🍵☕🥧 大好き。

  • Husky Puppy and temmie animates

    I love this music! 💗It is really good for me to sleep and listen to this music!!
    💗And happy valentine’s day!!💗

  • Tom Elswood
    Tom Elswood  2 months ago +2

    The restaurant below my house pumps out this shit all evening. I think it's this exact playlist. Somebody shoot me.

  • Alberto Burgos
    Alberto Burgos  14 days ago +2

    Love this wonderful selection of music

  • Muggles Cake Sniffer
    Muggles Cake Sniffer  2 months ago +3

    Is this royalty free?

  • Tekan Pfortner
    Tekan Pfortner  10 months ago +8

    What a great selection, I would love to watch this being played live. Such an experimental intake of jazz, @1.18.10 such such a beautiful ambient peice would love to know the track id, any body?

  • Teresa Scott
    Teresa Scott  1 months ago

    church café then not on right channel nice

  • League of Dr. Xenomorph
    League of Dr. Xenomorph  8 months ago +1

    Amazing! Been watching for 6 Hours Now at work with my Co-Worker and I taking Calls at the Business Center just relaxing, makes for amazing white Noise. Kudos to these people.

  • PS4 GamingWithAlex
    PS4 GamingWithAlex  2 months ago +1

    I listen this while driving.🚗

  • Mohamad Ismail Basha

    Thanks for sharing 💛💛

  • Benjamin Gaibur
    Benjamin Gaibur  2 months ago +1


  • Akihiro Kinoshita
    Akihiro Kinoshita  a years ago +4


  • meljon
    meljon  2 months ago

    This music is pretty good, although I would not label most of it as "Jazz" and some of it is so smooth it is not good for studying or work as it puts me to sleep after 15 min of listening lol

  • alexsandro gonsales
    alexsandro gonsales  3 months ago +1

    Simplesmente excelente !!!

  • Mikolaj Lo
    Mikolaj Lo  1 months ago

    can i use it in bacgrund ?