My Audi RS7 was Taken From me By its Delivery Driver! Here's how I got it back...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • Follow Me on Instagram: recommend you stay away from this Auto Transport service:***I REMOVED THE NAME BECAUSE PEOPLE CAN'T BE NICE***


  • Samcrac  12 months ago

    People that have figured out the name of the carrier have mistaken it for a different company based out of Tampa FL with a similar name (the shipping company in this video is NOT based out of Tampa) and have thrown it a bunch of bad reviews online. If you have done this please remove your review as "Naga Logistics" is NOT the company I had an issue with!

  • Miles Remmel  6 days ago

    Kitt One That is the trailer manufacturer, not the transport company...

  • Steve Perry  9 days ago

    ​@Hayden Binkley The broker can leave bad feedback on Central Dispatch and can easily avoid using that company in the future becasue he has the final say as to which trucker to use.

  • 6speeddakota  12 months ago

    Since they breached the contract, you should back charge the shipping company for the trailer rental, fuel, forklift, and even potentially the damage to the wheels.

  • WINNING  9 days ago

    @Mark Miller lol. You are so fucking dumb its not even funny. You cant put a "lien", not "lean" dumbass, on a company. Only after you go to court and WIN the case the judge will issue you a judgment which is as good a toilet paper to wipe your ass with. And it also expires and it not good forever. And guess what? you cant put a lien against assets. lol. But nice try. You can only put a lien against the real estate of the business. Guess what again? You will only "pos...

  • Fernando Garza  1 months ago

    6speeddakota Exactly, I’m actually very disappointed with his reaction to this situation. He have nothing to contribute on this video to the people watching his videos. No law enforcement assistance was ever obtain and that’s key on this situations.

  • vandergruff  8 months ago

    *Take the shipping company to court.* People have to learn.

  • pmfman  27 days ago

    Amen to that

  • Gym S  1 months ago

    @chitoon100 and when you win you get court cost back so what's your point

  • jeffthornton  8 months ago

    I’m a trucker. You can talk hands free almost everywhere. There is not a State in the Union where you can text.

  • SpeedySailor  8 hours ago

    Phone may have had an automatic text response programmed. You do not need to answer or touch the phone.

  • Chris Vestal  1 months ago

    Samcrac: I'm gonna trust you internet, please be responsible with the information I just gave you.Internet: Hold my beer.

  • Fernando Garza  1 months ago

    Chris Vestal 🤣🤣

  • Dray  1 months ago

    @thisguy177 lmao

  • charlie p  8 months ago

    Waste of time not naming the company. Your subscribers could still get ripped of or messed around by them. The whole point of reviewing a company online is so that people know not to use them and can sometimes let the company know that they are not willing to use them. Otherwise as I said in the beginning it's a complete waste of time.

  • Buttery Biscuit  1 months ago

    I fantasize about getting my hands on some of these keyboard warriors sometimes. It brings me joy to imagine the look of terror on a fat body who thinks he's safe behind his phone/computer screen. I guess we all have a little psycho in us. The difference between me and the internet terrorists is that I never had anything inhibiting me from showing my true colors in life. These man children terrorize online because they are weak men and want a chance to act big, all the while being safely tucked away be...

  • Buttery Biscuit  1 months ago

    @Gary S I can tell what kind of consumer you are. "Can I speak to the manager" soccer mom fused with 10 year old who had their Xbox taken away.

  • Two Car Garage  12 months ago

    He was probably bidding on this car and you outbid him lol

  • Daniel Wolfe  3 months ago

    I was thinking the delivery guy needed parts for his Audi and needed a couple days to pull them lol

  • JLards  10 months ago

    Two Car fuck that made me laugh, thanks!

  • Sad Toast  yesterday

    You called him days in advance to find out if you need extra help.. I'll call you back.. Hour before drop of *HOW ARE YOU GETTING THIS OFF MY TRAILER?!?*

  • Bro sam i learned alot a fixing cars from you and keep up with more uploading videos. 👏🏼

  • Gerry Wilson  3 months ago

    Wow! Well, he has an Audi as well. Clearly he needed parts for his car from yours.

  • wmurphy1979  1 months ago

    What the fuck do u want when u get a guy to fucking lift and move your car with a fucking fork truck ooooo he scraped my wheel. You were cheap should have had the car moved by pros.