Summer Jazz and Bossa Nova Music - Sunny Bossa Jazz to Relax, Chill Out

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019
  • The Best Playlist of Summer Jazz and Bossa Nova Cafe Music for 2 hours! Relaxing Sunny Bossa Jazz Instrumental Background to Chill Out#jazz #bossanova #summermusic


  • 편안한 음악 - Beautiful Relaxing Music

    We're doing silent study in my class so I decide to put some music on my headphones, forgot to plug in and this starts playing in class, I quickly move to shut it off but the teacher stops me and tells me to let it play. It was a good day

  • コロコロ
    コロコロ  2 days ago +1

    ⛴NOAHCOIN⚓︎🌈✨🌏Summer Time.

    SUPREME GAMING  7 days ago +10

    I like to have this kind of music on at dinner! :D

  • Raquel Castaneda
    Raquel Castaneda  21 days ago +14

    This is so awesome - how I love the soothing, relaxing jazzy sounds, thank you so much

  • Anita Carter
    Anita Carter  1 months ago +54

    Oh yeah 🙋🏻 A sunny summer ☀️day, some ice tea 🍹and some awesome jazz music… Life is good 😊 hope you all have an amazing weekend… 🌤⚡️✨💫☀️

  • Lan Anh Doan
    Lan Anh Doan  14 days ago +3

    Thanks for having uploaded such nice jazz songs. I like them much!

  • サディ大好きMic
    サディ大好きMic  28 days ago +3


  • beatriz vidal busquet
    beatriz vidal busquet  1 months ago +10

    Lovely music relax total🍾🥂💓🍒

    SPRINDYS  1 months ago +14

    .... simply beautiful music - THANK YOU

  • 海野明美
    海野明美  17 hours ago


  • Librarygurl
    Librarygurl  21 days ago +3

    So relaxing. Thanks so much!

  • 편안한 음악
    편안한 음악  28 days ago +24

    My baby is finally relaxed and asleep thanks to your music

  • tara lang
    tara lang  14 days ago +3

    i listen to this music every night i love it when i am reading it is so relaxing

  • R Bowie
    R Bowie  1 months ago +4

    Relax total!!!!!😊

  • 華咲香里
    華咲香里  7 days ago +2

    The nice atmosphere♪.

  • Danielle Rawlins
    Danielle Rawlins  1 months ago +1

    It's time to just unwind with a cup of coffee I can listen to this day or night from vegas baby vegas strong y'all cha cha cha

  • こがねはる
    こがねはる  1 months ago +2

    공부하면서 음악 정말 열심히 잘 들었던 것 같네요. 잔잔한 듯한데 카페에 와있는 기분이라 은근 집중도 잘되고 정말 좋았어요. 덕분에 성적도 오른듯한 느낌이네요

  • 小野弘子
    小野弘子  6 days ago


  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith  2 months ago +17

    This kind of jazz is amazing! I'm looking forward to more videos like this!

  • luckyguy bern
    luckyguy bern  14 days ago +1

    We're lying on the flybridge of our boat at the French Riviera. Listening to this music means everything