Top 10 Unforgettable Golden Buzzers on America's Got Talent | Got Talent Global

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 13, 2018
  • Watch the most unforgettable auditions that got the GOLDEN BUZZER on America's Got Talent. Which do you think was the best golden buzzer audition?? Let us know in the comments below...

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  • Rolland Mukura
    Rolland Mukura  5 hours ago

    All i can say is thank you GTG for showing love

  • Jrojas Jrojas
    Jrojas Jrojas  6 hours ago

    Para ser inolvidable debe estar Amanda mna

  • brandy sigmon
    brandy sigmon  7 hours ago

    Who the hell fixed up Tyra Banks to look lie that in the first audition, damn she fugly as hell.

  • kireeti kadarla
    kireeti kadarla  8 hours ago

    What is the song at 24 min when he got golden buzzer. Can anyone pls tell me , love that song

  • azmil NK
    azmil NK  9 hours ago

    nomor 1 crazy dog

  • Hooman Sabarou
    Hooman Sabarou  10 hours ago

    Reactions of fathers r priceless. There is another x factor video showing mad parents. I remember that and compared with reactions of these fathers. If u have good parents out there, u should know u r already blessed.

  • Muhamad Hidayat
    Muhamad Hidayat  12 hours ago

    she is singing without earmonitor , WTF it's incridible

  • Pizzaisbeautiful 347
    Pizzaisbeautiful 347  15 hours ago

    Sal's such a flirt xD

  • Narcisa Rusu
    Narcisa Rusu  16 hours ago

    The little boy crying at 47:37 is the cutest thing I've every seen!!!

  • David Serota
    David Serota  19 hours ago

    The guys brother is big time tommy

  • kabinkiller
    kabinkiller  19 hours ago

    On the first act, Howard was hopin that she'd hug him😂😂😂

  • سمرا 8A
    سمرا 8A  19 hours ago

    من عربي يتفرج يعمل 👍

  • Fat Hippocampus
    Fat Hippocampus  20 hours ago +1

    Darci's laugh is contagious.

  • Krzysiek Asdgrewr
    Krzysiek Asdgrewr  21 hours ago

    USA is so much steeped soul...

  • Vii's Channel
    Vii's Channel  23 hours ago

    lets just say courtney looks like walmart yodeling kid's future gf 😂😂😂

  • DrunkDirector
    DrunkDirector  23 hours ago +1

    Who else lying in bed watching?

  • Sandra Catherine Bowen

    I Said To Most of em there gonna get the gold

    Then I Read title 😮

  • TAX
    TAX  yesterday

    That last one was insane

  • Adan Hernandez
    Adan Hernandez  yesterday

    Who else is high and watching this😂

    BALCK WOLF  yesterday +1

    Omg I didnt know big time tommy was on Americas got talent!