I Bought A SALVAGE TESLA With A DESTROYED Battery Pack Cooling System. Here’s How I Fixed It At Home

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 25, 2019
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    Sam and I bought a wrecked Tesla P85D with the Ludicrous Plus upgrade but that ran off the side of the road and was destroyed. The insurance company totaled it out and we picked it from an auction. The Tesla had damage done to the battery pack cooling system and when it arrived it had 0 miles of range. I had to figure out how to charge the battery as it's possible to "brick" an electric car battery if it completely discharges. In this video, I rig up a system that get's us by until all of our parts come in, but I need to figure out how to bleed the system without any help from the Tesla dealership. It was then time to test the Model S at a Tesla Supercharger station. Will it charge? Did Elon Musk and the team blacklist our Tesla due to a salvage title? Find out in this epic episode. Ok that last part is weird but just watch the video, it's pretty cool.

    Watch me clean a disgusting Corvette engine after this video! http://bit.ly/2kPEiDm

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  • LegitStreetCars
    LegitStreetCars  3 months ago +177

    Who else is rocking an electric car? Whatcha got?

  • Mike Rurak
    Mike Rurak  13 hours ago

    Where I live if you let a Tesla sit for a winter it can damage the battery, cooling system, etc. Heck letting a gas powered car sit all winter is bad. The dangerous thing is that fire season is in May and it just happens that say a Tesla is sitting in a field with a freeze damaged battery, It could in theory catch fire in the spring and cause a wildfire simply from the damaged lithium packs going into thermal runaway. Probably a word of warning to others in my area.

  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel  16 hours ago

    i just watched a rich rebuilds video, guest appearance from tavarish, then i watched a samcrac video guest appearance from rich, then alex with a samcrac appearance.

  • Commander_ Fire

    How do you got auot of service mode?

  • Anthony Lehner
    Anthony Lehner  yesterday

    Tesla owners and environmentalists loosing their minds watching radiator fluid pour right into the ground..😂

  • marks toy box
    marks toy box  yesterday

    Tesla disabling salvage car that you rebuild what kind of BS company is that?

  • solarstacks
    solarstacks  yesterday

    If you get the car rooted you can ten access the Tesla maintenance screens . It will show the 3 cooling systems in the Tesla, another screen show all the batteries and temp with voltage. It's great data.

  • peter lamb
    peter lamb  yesterday

    what a complete and utter pile of shite

  • Coyote
    Coyote  3 days ago

    I have a diesel SUV I can fill it in five mins with a 600-mile range and I can go to remote areas and get fuel.......... already you are suffering from range anxiety. The faffing about charging is why I will never own an EV; life is too short. These cars are nothing more than adult toys..................oh and one last thought the electricity you are using could be from a coal or nat gas-fired power station...totally nuts.

  • Bely Bob
    Bely Bob  3 days ago

    Yeh it loads.....until you are shut off by TESLA

  • Ramon Cardona
    Ramon Cardona  4 days ago

    Dude, you purchased a “salvaged” Tesla not a “salvage” Tesla. Glad you repaired the EV.

  • Hjulhytte
    Hjulhytte  4 days ago

    Ludacris or ludicrous mode?

  • Johnathan Berner
    Johnathan Berner  4 days ago

    Fuck sam, he never gets shit done on time.

  • supergrendel
    supergrendel  6 days ago

    So don't buy a salvage title Tesla...got it.

  • Ryan Georgi
    Ryan Georgi  6 days ago

    nice work draining the coolant down the sewer? #mint

  • Darwin Secrist
    Darwin Secrist  7 days ago

    What a jack ass

  • T.L Hill
    T.L Hill  7 days ago

    Rich knows a lot about the Tesla and his videos on them is detailed.

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams  7 days ago +1

    Boring already been done

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon  7 days ago

    This is abuse of a vehicle by somebody who is mentally challenged.

  • goober
    goober  7 days ago

    @2:00 "the car did go into gear"..........it has no gears! lol Also i'd be well happy if my neighbour turned up wanting free power then dumped coolant all over my driveway.
    The last thing in hell I'd want is a broken Tesla on my drive and someone who doesn't know what they are doing, risking setting fire to my house! #moron