Film Theory: Game Of Thrones Season 7 ISN'T BROKEN!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 24, 2017
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    In a series built around undead armies, flying dragons, and blood magic, the most unbelievable events might just be based on mundane travel. The size of Westeros and timeline of Game of Thrones have always been somewhat ambiguous and questionable, but season 7 has really shed a blaring spotlight on some possible timeline issues.

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  • Derek Dblast123
    Derek Dblast123  1 years ago +4327

    YAY congrats on 5 mil!!!

  • Klikkitse
    Klikkitse  yesterday

    Hi. I'm late to this party but here's a thing: the measurement foot is based on human proportions. You couldn't have twice as big people without your foot being twice as long too. Thanks.

  • Christian Müller

    Ah, I always wanted to leave a smart-arse comment under one of your videos, now here is my chance! ;-P Bear with me, it`s my first time ...
    Here I go:
    Everything is twice the size? Really? THAT´S what you went with? I mean ... apart from the fact that we know for sure that planetary movement in this story differs from what we are used to - making any reference to time periods rather fuzzy at best - the term "mile" could mean almost anything. You automatically assume the characters refer to the U.S. mile. Well, Mr. Martin is a U.S. citizen, sure, but the story isn`t set in Nebraska. The reason why the rest of the world uses a modern system in measurement nowerdays is in no small part that a "mile" yould be anything from 500 meters to over 10 kilometers - and thats just in our history. In Westeros there will most likely be dozents of "miles" as well. That might be the reason why for some the Wall is 300 miles long why others say it`s 500 miles. Because "mile" just means "bigger than me but smaller than the continent". How would your calculations go if the Westerosi mile would be somewhere at the leangth of a chinese mile (500 m)?

  • Niels Bakx
    Niels Bakx  4 days ago

    80 feet is 24 meters.. not 128 kilometers

  • Isabell Boyce
    Isabell Boyce  4 days ago

    You should have a tv show

  • jemal999
    jemal999  4 days ago

    lol just watched this, and Peter Dinklage playing the 'giant dwarf' in Ragnarok is now even better.

  • Instant Pain
    Instant Pain  4 days ago

    Sorry I’m a “little” late to the party but after watching this episode I thought back to season 1 episode 15 How Drunk is Tyrion Lannister? Wouldn’t making a person super sized cause this theory to become null and void if we are to consider the the calculations of a standard drink in GOT and how the added weight of the people involved after the results of the BAC.

  • james McDonald
    james McDonald  5 days ago

    how do you solve the problem of oxygen? metabolism efficiency yearns for 2x to 4x ratio of oxygen in the air due to 2x body size modification, everything is prone to ignition man!

  • Kaleo Mungin
    Kaleo Mungin  5 days ago

    Worst theory on both channels

  • cj2016
    cj2016  7 days ago

    Or... a fortnight... is longer...

  • Bjørn Almlöf
    Bjørn Almlöf  7 days ago +1

    80ft is over 128 KILOMETRES?
    What even?
    80 feet wouldn't even be 128 m
    The walls aren't 80miles tall, Mat

  • Kaspar Koljak
    Kaspar Koljak  7 days ago

    I am 10 years old

  • Rainbow Gangsta
    Rainbow Gangsta  7 days ago +1

    Every episode is gonna be 2 hours long like a movie

  • Jt Junk
    Jt Junk  8 days ago

    I think it’s supposed to be feet not km

  • Scout Trout Elite LLC

    The Mountain is described as 8 ft tall in the books...

  • Tony T
    Tony T  9 days ago

    everyone is a giant... or they just have better endurance lol

  • Banana Cat
    Banana Cat  9 days ago

    Just pulling out some half-reliable information here but *Bergmann’s Rule* basically states that warm-blooded animals living in cold regions will grow larger in order better conserve their body heat.
    If we assume that winter has been raging for years at a time then it makes that the larger creatures would survive and proceed to produce their giant offsprings.
    After that it’s just a question of evolution.

  • Vally Evanhelion
    Vally Evanhelion  9 days ago

    Do people forget boats exists or what
    And carts for the foot soldiers

  • ThePianistInTh30ry

    Wait, so does that mean that Tyrian isn't actually drunk enough to die?

  • Edward J McConnell IV

    All she had to do was convince the bank she had a plan.