Film Theory: Game Of Thrones Season 7 ISN'T BROKEN!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 24, 2017
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    In a series built around undead armies, flying dragons, and blood magic, the most unbelievable events might just be based on mundane travel. The size of Westeros and timeline of Game of Thrones have always been somewhat ambiguous and questionable, but season 7 has really shed a blaring spotlight on some possible timeline issues.

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  • Derek Dblast123  (Aug 24, 2017))

    YAY congrats on 5 mil!!!

  • Natalie _Creates  (Jun 23, 2018))

    Over 10 mil now!

  • George Bush  (Jun 8, 2018))

    69 comments( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ken Xyro  (Sep 1, 2017))

    Easier way to explain it:Days in Westeros are longer than our 24 hours.Maybe not physically, but just their sense of what they call a "day".Since they don't particularly have a watch, they could be basing their days off the 8 lunar phases of the moon.So basically,their one day = our 4 days.their 1 week = our 28 days.their fortnight = our 56 days, almost 2 months.

  • Eddard Stark  (1 day ago))

    Unless the days length changed once season 7 started, this doesnt make sense when you take into account the other seasons

  • Bob  (4 days ago))

    My god

  • The Bmiller  (Oct 21, 2017))

    Don't say Georgie, this is all showrunner BS.

  • PG_KaliKo  (3 days ago))

    +_ TheBigPig _ he doesn't even watch the show anymore.

  • R Nickerson  (Jan 10, 2019))

    +Connor Schultz I wholeheartedly disagree with your comparison. I see no similarities in that... taking your time to write a quality novel in no way compares to fishing for easy money in video games... if taking time to be accurate and good quality somehow actually lessened the quality and required you to purchase the novel chapter by chapter, you might be able to make a comparison. As it stands, your opinion makes no sense.And no, I don't really owe anything to any author. But if they write somethin...

  • Utter Cancer  (Oct 12, 2017))


  • Dark Sev.  (Jan 19, 2018))

    Not really. He said EVERYTHING is twice its size, not just humans.

  • alexis jelly  (Dec 25, 2017))

    Nope because the glass of wine would aslo be twice biger x)

  • Der Metzgermeister  (Sep 23, 2017))

    JON'S AUNT!***** Why is that so hard? LolGRRM has many sins, but this was D&D squeezing two books in... what 13 episodes?

  • LadyiSh09  (Apr 11, 2018))

    well S6 was TWOW book and S7 & S8 are suppose to be the final book. S7 was actually suppose to be the final season for the final book but they split It in half

  • Merrielle Mandy  (Mar 24, 2018))

    They're actually cousins, *as well as* aunt and nephew. Incest man.

  • Kristina Porter  (Jan 5, 2018))

    why you blaming george though? it's d&d's fault not his. also gotta love super sonic ravens.

  • Moonman110  (Jan 29, 2019))

    Yes, because you're all so wonderful and amazing that you would give up millions of dollars for a ton of people you dont know.

  • mijan hoque  (Dec 31, 2018))

    It’s his fault for taking so god damn long to release the last 2 books.

  • DJGT  (Aug 24, 2017))

    Jon Snow and Daenerys aren't Cousins. Daenerys is Jon's Aunt.

  • Cayleigh  (Feb 22, 2019))

    I thought Aegon Targaryen was dead before GOT...

  • Cormac Wygers  (Oct 24, 2018))

    Exactly! It is weird! You have *** with your nephew! WHAT!

  • Detestor 420  (Nov 22, 2017))

    its not GRRMs writing .. its D & Ds writing.. theyre the idiots who want to just end the show they devoted so much too

  • Kyle Pietrusiewicz  (Aug 15, 2018))

    Detestor 420 it kind of happened in early seasons

  • Ellie C  (Oct 24, 2017))

    As others have mentioned, blaming GRRM is ridiculous. He's not on the writing staff anymore, his books are meticulous in extended travel times. Tyrion takes a whole book to travel to Dany.

  • D. Falco  (Dec 28, 2017))

    "John snow and Daenerys have to fall in love even though they're cousins"(Shows family tree depicting them as aunt and nephew)

  • Luna Lovegood  (Aug 7, 2018))

    Hornyshark the mad king and his wife were brother and sister. That means that their children are also their nephews and niece. Jon is the son of Dani’s brother/cousin Rhaegar. That means that Dani is Jon’s aunt and his second cousin? Or cousin once removed or whatever you call it. We’ll just say cousin

  • A Tinity  (Jul 20, 2018))

    Is Mattpat being simplistic on purpose or is he faker or stupid or I don't know... pandering scam artist? I used to like him a lot but he's made so many mistakes on basic level that I have no choice but to question if he's truly a fan, or if he does any research.