That 2 A.M. Fresh Air

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 26, 2018
  • A lofi mix for late nights & early mornings...
    What happens next? Part 2 here:
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    0:01 1. Bad Season - Flower
    2:28 2.
    4:28 3. baechulgi - lost
    5:57 4. Babyotter - Jus Chillin
    8:32 5. Chiru Beats - r u ok
    10:14 6. Grenn - Busy
    12:54 7. Grenn - my heart is still connected to my body
    15:23 8. isko - 7:06
    18:43 9. jhove - Rainfall
    21:02 10. Jon Presstone - When I wake up and you're not there
    23:25 11. Losics - Say goodbye
    25:56 👌 Take a break
    28:45 13. omar - journey
    31:04 14. ProtoCall - Cicada
    32:54 15. setawave - amani usiku
    35:10 16. STATIC - I have left
    36:48 17. STATIC - Rainy day regret
    38:33 18. Sunlight-91 - Atmosfere
    40:26 19. Sunlight-91 - carps waltz
    42:18 20. tired - wow
    44:37 21. tzelun - searching
    46:43 22. tzelun - without reason
    49:41 23. vanillachill. - change
    52:33 24. Wolfgang von Goth - Lies
    54:34 25. Xii - dusk

    Artwork: Wren @sleeprealms

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  • 100000 subs for this Polite Cat

    just like the view from my old house room

  • SG Hinshaw
    SG Hinshaw  7 hours ago

    Bro it 4:00am this open window air hit DIFFERENT. I’m on so much caffeine, I’m never sleeping. Haha actually HELP.

  • JMAL certi
    JMAL certi  14 hours ago


  • Mad Tad
    Mad Tad  19 hours ago

    And you waste all of the fresh air by smoking smh. ;)

  • Ella Passehl
    Ella Passehl  19 hours ago



  • Diana gtz
    Diana gtz  20 hours ago +1

    I'm am suicidal but when I listen to this and when I read how friendly all these people in the comment section are are, I get a little feeling of lust for life. (Sorry for my bad english) ❤~

  • My_dixie_rekt
    My_dixie_rekt  20 hours ago

    Ok but why can't it be normal people, furrys scare me

  • Lonely1
    Lonely1  21 hours ago

    It's 4 am and I'm here. How did I get here? Haha. I'm afraid of falling asleep because I know that I could just not wake up the next day. I don't want to experience my sleep paralysis again. The lonely thoughts that perpetuate my mind during the middle of the night, beckoning me to give up. What I need is something distracting, some noise. Maybe I would try to be better, just not today.

  • Rainbowchicken3

    I just want to thank you for this video. Both the picture, the sounds and music takes me back to when I was a teen. I literally used to sit by the window like this in my dads cabin, smoking a cigarette, enjoying the rain and just feeling the fresh air. Thank you for bringing those memories back to me.

  • Seinor Sloth
    Seinor Sloth  yesterday

    As an Australian I miss the smell of fresh air

  • Mocha Tiki
    Mocha Tiki  yesterday

    This makes me want to pick where i'm gonna live, I just have no idea where to start

  • Gunner Therrien
    Gunner Therrien  yesterday +2

    hey you, yea you. I love you now go to sleep your gonna be tired♥️❤️

  • Julia
    Julia  yesterday

    Awesome mix!! Great to study finals by.

  • Tyway
    Tyway  2 days ago +1

    I really wish Pokemon Diamond and Pearl weren't 12 years old already. That means I'm 12 years older now. Life is suck.

  • Kortay
    Kortay  2 days ago

    Dude at 01:24:00 having problems with his lighter

    INTERCEPT  2 days ago

    Bouy that joints gettin wet.

    INTERCEPT  2 days ago

    Thats me during July 2019

  • ansuman barhoi
    ansuman barhoi  2 days ago +1

    have a good 

  • Tanner _
    Tanner _  2 days ago

    I feel like this comment section is super cool so I'm asking for advice. I'm 18 and I don't know what I wanna do in life and I'm worried. I know I'm still very young but I just want to make sure I have a good career and everything. Can anyone shed some light please?

  • Pug Maniac
    Pug Maniac  2 days ago +1

    well i’m a full blown insomniac, get maybe 2 or less hours of sleep very night. this helps pass the time