That 2 A.M. Fresh Air

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 26, 2018
  • A lofi mix for late nights & early mornings...What happens next? Part 2 here:🔴24/7 Livestream 1:🔵24/7 Livestream 2 (no lyrics):👌 Like what you hear? Can you spare just $1 a month? you can help support Homework Radio keep the servers running and keep the music streaming by becoming a Patreon. I make nothing from Youtube, they won't support channel's like mine - Your donations are what keep the channel alive! Thank you 💚➡🎬 Are you a Youtuber? you need TubeBuddy, you can use it to find out analytics of videos and recommended tags giving you an edge over the competition - Find it here! :🌱 Your donations are what keep the channel going, I've just set up a Patreon page - with this you can support the channel and help out far more than you'll ever know. If you decide to back me I will be forever grateful. I hope to grow the channel even further with a 2nd live-stream and merchandise, this will help towards that goal. Thank you - Sam | Link:'s easy to join the Homework Radio club and best of all its FREE! - Just click SUBSCRIBE or the little me in the bottom right of the video! ➡More music on my channel, feel free to come and take a look! (ARE OUT OF SYNC, PLEASE BARE WITH ME WHILE I TRY FIX) Thank you 🙏 0:01 1. C A F U N É 修 - Dreaming 夜2:28 2. Bad Season - Flower4:28 3. baechulgi - lost5:57 4. Babyotter - Jus Chillin8:32 5. Chiru Beats - r u ok10:14 6. Grenn - Busy12:54 7. Grenn - my heart is still connected to my body15:23 8. isko - 7:0618:43 9. jhove - Rainfall21:02 10. Jon Presstone - When I wake up and you're not there23:25 11. Losics - Say goodbye25:56 👌 Take a break28:45 13. omar - journey31:04 14. ProtoCall - Cicada32:54 15. setawave - amani usiku35:10 16. STATIC - I have left36:48 17. STATIC - Rainy day regret38:33 18. Sunlight-91 - Atmosfere40:26 19. Sunlight-91 - carps waltz42:18 20. tired - wow44:37 21. tzelun - searching46:43 22. tzelun - without reason49:41 23. vanillachill. - change52:33 24. Wolfgang von Goth - Lies54:34 25. Xii - dusk🔁Repeat Artwork: Wren @sleeprealms you enjoyed this video be sure to 👍 & Subscribe!Comments are welcome!There's nothing that makes me happier than creating videos for you to enjoy. Youtube Please read this:✓ This video upload is an agreed collaboration between Homework Radio, the selected music and visual artist/s to produce a completely unique piece of media. Therefor it is original content and cannot be classed as "Duplication, Reused and/or non-original content". The Homework Radio Youtube channel and its videos serve a practical purpose for the music industry, especially up and coming indie artists. It also serves the purpose of giving artists a platform to promote and share their visual pieces. Homework Radio's uploads are appreciated by the Youtube audience and give's them a location to listen to a vast selection of music while studying. Any and all video cuts, edits and effects are curated and applied by Homework Radio. Should copyrighted media be found within our videos it will not be contested in anyway with the revenue going to the contents owner via Youtube's Content ID feature even when usage is agreed - Homework Radio should be allowed in the YPP#revision #lofi #chillhop #jazzhop #chill #chillout #chillmusic #studymusic #studybeats #lovemusic #gamingmusic #relaxingradio #homeworkmusic #homework #homework #motivation #revision #school


  • beastJanjii
    beastJanjii  10 months ago +7349

    anyone else jealous of that window view :c

  • rLg -
    rLg -  1 months ago +58

    Hey you, random person scrolling,
    Take care of yourself, ok?
    Be happier! :)
    at least for me

  • アャシの激臭のシャア

    I choose lo-fi videos mostly by their backgrounds

  • TN
    TN  1 months ago +245

    Dont you ever get that feeling in your stomach while listening to lofi. Like a mixture of nostalgia and calmness. Idk why but I always feel it.

  • Noam Liori
    Noam Liori  3 months ago +883

    i wanna live in an animation can i? thank you :c

  • Foto Samuel
    Foto Samuel  3 months ago +667

    This is the most positive community ive ever seen. Love you all guys

  • SeanMozzy
    SeanMozzy  2 months ago +950

    lo-fi videos
    our safe cosy corner of the internet where everybody is chill, kind, reflective & mellow
    im so proud to be apart of this community
    peace ✌️☮️

  • PlanetAlex
    PlanetAlex  2 months ago +250

    i absolutely love how there’s no ads, these people understand that we just wanna chill and listen to calming music while chilling under a blanket or drinking tea or drawing, etc, without being distracted by an arby’s ad. thank you (*´꒳`*)

  • Kim Hummel
    Kim Hummel  3 months ago +412

    So youtube recommended me this 2:03AM..
    well done youtube well done indeed

  • Zany Ninja
    Zany Ninja  2 months ago +560

    The thing I find interesting about Lofi music is how it can sound like different moods. Some people hear it as a happy beat while others hear it as a sad one. I just think that’s cool.

  • BlazingJalapeno
    BlazingJalapeno  3 months ago +171

    honeslty Low Fi be hittin different when you havent listen to it in a while

  • Better Red than Dead
    Better Red than Dead  4 months ago +204

    Wow. This artwork really captures an emotion I haven't felt very much before - and I don't know how to quite describe it..

  • Sarah Nagel
    Sarah Nagel  2 months ago +40

    My favorite thing about lofi music is that it can transform your bedroom in to anywhere you allow the music to take you. A cafe at 2. AM., a rainy day in a country you've never visited. It honestly brings forward such a strong sense of Hiraeth

  • tactuel
    tactuel  10 months ago +5237

    the friendliest and most chill people in the world are on the lofi mix videos

  • Rob Stephenson
    Rob Stephenson  2 months ago +105

    Am i the only one who wants to be in that picture? Just relaxing

  • Mahfouz Afada
    Mahfouz Afada  2 months ago +45

    when i saw the title i wondered "what does 2 am air smell like" so i literally played this vid at 2 am and opened my window on a rainy night and it smelt great

  • stoneymaloney
    stoneymaloney  1 months ago +702

    im sick af, im high af, most important im happy af. i got the girl of my dreams, im sitting on my roof with joints and a bong watching fireworks on this cool summer night! i love you all, and hope you achieve everything in life!! :))
    EDIT: alot of people in the comments seem to be going thru some rough times, so if any of you watching this vid wanna talk, i got you, just ask man. everybody deserves someone to talk or rant or anything to.

  • Margaux Canseco
    Margaux Canseco  2 months ago +211

    I wanna step up inside the animation and just chill w/ em folks.

  • It's Logic
    It's Logic  10 months ago +1291

    Why does lofi give you this sense of melancholy and nostalgia for no reason? Strange feelings.

  • R C
    R C  3 months ago +728

    To any one that reads this: It's going to be ok. There's a plan for you. Sometimes it's ok to surrender, just dont give up. We're all going to make it. Just you wait and see.
    With love,
    R C