Can a $5,000 Fire Salvage Hellcat REALLY Be Rebuilt?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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  • Viking Raiders  6 months ago

    Take it to Los Santos Customs

  • Jacob Dewberry  8 days ago


  • Jay Griffen  1 months ago

    Ricky Plotner flaming is different from burnt up

  • OhMyGulay  1 months ago

    He got scammed for 5k. That's a 100 dollar scrap metal car

  • M ADDICT  6 days ago

    @TEST Fifty he didnt get a VIN # it was burnt off.

  • M ADDICT  6 days ago

    @Zain Mughal stupid guy money not worth DEATH messing with a burnt car is very ten years he will probly be sick or less depending on what he was exposed to. MASTER COLLISION TECHNESSION OVER 30 rys EXPERIENCE

  • Drew's Power House  5 months ago

    All I have to say is, I cannot believe somebody would spend $5000 on that rusted piece of scrap metal.

  • Jose Archuleta  10 days ago

    I bought a motor that the car burned took a chance cheap it worked perfect

  • Mr100duke  15 days ago

    @Angry Yankee I agree that engine will be toast, I just don't get the mind set rebuilding something so damaged, if it was a rare Ferrari or Aston then the figures might add up but other than that I don't see it.

  • Justin Moore  5 months ago

    How the hell is it 5,000 dollars when its a hunk of burnt metal, yet my running, driving, 53,000 mile 06 Chevy Impala only goes for 1,500 max

  • Melvin Martin  21 days ago

    Jose is doing a crazy job, seems impossible but it's happening. And in no way did he get ripped off. That motor alone was worth the money he paid for that wreck.

  • MonzaRacer  1 months ago

    Your 06 Impalla was never worth $80k from dealer without extra options. The engine and trans in your Impalla is worth AT BEST $1000. Used. That Hellcat engine could sell for as high as $10k to right person. Just engine.

  • Tavarish  6 months ago

    I give you a salvage score of 10 in my heart.

  • lifetimben1  4 days ago

    That's only because you're rebuilding a burned up Ferrari be realistic

  • Will P  5 months ago

    Tavarish is the man.

  • Dirty Garage  4 months ago

    It might not be worth it. But it makes a statement. The guy has great energy and love his videos! D.I.Y Gang for the win!

  • that dude  2 hours ago

    @Todd LP i did. How about you go watch everything your just a trolling hater talking out your butt!🤣🤣

  • Todd LP  20 days ago

    @that dude no he didn't. Watch everything.

  • Sleepy  1 months ago

    The person who sold him that hellcat is laughing right now

  • Bradley Swanson  yesterday

    Sleepy not really. It’s about 75% done.

  • The DIY is almost completed the burned hell cat... waiting for the next epispde..

  • Samuel Mwangi  5 days ago

    Me too. I can't wait to see it start and move.

  • Andrei Sames  1 months ago

    I found a hood from a 1966 Impala, I should definetely rebuild this Impala

  • DOOMz Morales  1 months ago


  • aditya thakur  4 months ago

    It's totally possible to rebuild a completely burnt car.Step 1: Buy burnt car.Step 2: Buy brand new car.Step 3: Throw away the burnt car and replace it with the new car.

  • myredute  26 days ago

    Great comment & absolutely correct!!

  • Power 2 Weight  1 months ago

    Not even close to the same thing lol. Gullible losers.