Blind Pickle Taste Test



  • Charles Nichols
    Charles Nichols  2 months ago +3662

    Hahahahah I think this show is the real dill

  • Lewis Roy
    Lewis Roy  an hour ago +1

    0:11 niggamythical morning

  • Yikes Brother
    Yikes Brother  14 hours ago

    Stick your dickle in some battery acid see what happens

  • Daniel Choi
    Daniel Choi  15 hours ago

    someone clip stevie saying dickle but cut out that end bit there...

  • tank2449
    tank2449  19 hours ago

    do they really not hang out outside of the show?

  • Mariana Chiulli
    Mariana Chiulli  20 hours ago

    Soool are they not friends anymore or was Rhett kidding? Saying they don’t hangout anymore

  • James Alan
    James Alan  yesterday

    I just keep thinking of Micah sitting at his computer and giggling at his jokes while he writes the hints

  • VoveriuxD
    VoveriuxD  2 days ago

    I love this episode! Actually cried myself laughing 😂

  • Emely Fernandez
    Emely Fernandez  2 days ago

    Rhett's reaction to Link saying dickle was HILARIOUS. Had to replay it a couple of times.
    It caught him off guard. 😂

  • BlackBirds93
    BlackBirds93  3 days ago

    9:00 Rhett: "I'm glad we don't hang out outside of this anymore" RIP

  • P
    P  3 days ago

    Hey Link, surströmming is the best thing ever! ...and I'm not even joking. No seriously, not joking. Really like the stuffs.

  • MrSirViking
    MrSirViking  3 days ago

    Haha i laughed so hard when he said it was like a school boy! :D

  • Bman 4
    Bman 4  3 days ago

    “Dickle” 💀💀💀💀💀

  • ViralJam
    ViralJam  4 days ago

    its weird hearing my name micah lol but i dont even work for them lol

  • King Travi
    King Travi  4 days ago

    Dickles! They're dickalicious

  • Frances Jordan
    Frances Jordan  4 days ago

    Why did this vid pop up in my suggested list right next to a vid about the Hormone Mistress on Big Mouth??? Lol

    CYPHER_WAR 52  4 days ago


  • Justus Diepenbroick

    pinkel is an actual word in germany, it roughly means peeing, so it would be a pee pickle...

  • Parker
    Parker  4 days ago

    Funniest video in a while

  • Faith Canup
    Faith Canup  5 days ago