OnePlus 6 Quality Control REVEALED - Epic Factory Tour

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 16, 2018
  • Thanks to OnePlus for sponsoring this video! Check out their pop-up events page for more info (Linus will be at the NY pop-up!)

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  • Zack Bailey
    Zack Bailey  13 hours ago

    This video is literally great!

  • GOTPink is the realest ships ever

    Look at all these underpaid and overworked people

  • Random Tricks
    Random Tricks  4 days ago

    One plus just won my heart

  • Ali Marwan
    Ali Marwan  7 days ago

    I wouldn't leave the house wearing those shoes let alone upload it to YouTube

  • Peter Ökvist
    Peter Ökvist  7 days ago +1

    Watching this with JerryRigEverything in mind makes me think,
    your efforts are futile...

  • Noor Shakib
    Noor Shakib  7 days ago

    Wow much torture 🥺

  • Chubbinatorr
    Chubbinatorr  7 days ago

    voice is hella annoying

  • Oshanik
    Oshanik  14 days ago

    does it mean that someone could end up with like a 7% cracked screen?

  • Valeriy Malinovskiy
    Valeriy Malinovskiy  14 days ago +1

    Scratches on the bottom, dust under the back panel near the flash and misaligned protective film my oneplus 6t, right from the box tells me another story of quality check.

  • Daniel Carvalho Liedke

    Very nice video, thanks a lot Linus!!

  • Jason Clarke
    Jason Clarke  14 days ago

    Like how he pockets phones as he walks lmao my man !

  • Juan Pablo Arambula

    Tour on OnePlus 7 Pro? 😣

  • Arnt Thein
    Arnt Thein  21 days ago

    Good work.🤢

  • HentaiOniisama
    HentaiOniisama  a months ago

    Look at him casually just pocketing a phone on camera : D

  • Cooper Silva
    Cooper Silva  a months ago

    0:27 one plus 6 =7 so now it's called one plus 7

  • TheGamingFlamingo
    TheGamingFlamingo  a months ago

    11:39 cassualy grabs a phone

  • Tazman Fck
    Tazman Fck  a months ago

    Dont understand why all this workers are standing and bending there necks looking down when they could be sitting and watching strait ? Like what, some capitalistic douchbag figured out that lower back and neck pain make people more productive or something ?

  • dark side
    dark side  a months ago

    Samsung is the best

  • N1[][][]
    N1[][][]  a months ago

    Oneplus sucks.

  • Marius Claudiu Miere

    I would like to be working for one plus