Pan Fried Kale - You Suck at Cooking (episode 10)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 15, 2015
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  • Nate Wynd
    Nate Wynd  3 years ago +1487

    Have you tried using a poison with lower acidity?

  • Paula Woodward
    Paula Woodward  4 years ago +1250

    Hahaha, glad to see you've moved on.

  • Nick Nirus
    Nick Nirus  3 years ago +458

    "The ratio of ingredients is: some kale, some garlic and some tomatoes"
    Yup, that's how I cook, never knew another way.

  • The Last Methbender
    The Last Methbender  4 years ago +398

    I cooked with poison once, now im dead.
    Wouldn't recommend

  • HomegrownTyrone
    HomegrownTyrone  3 years ago +406

    There was no pepper pepper pepper:(

  • Paula Griguta
    Paula Griguta  2 years ago +175

    Ok, I'll take you back :\

  • Ahmed Al-Shafai
    Ahmed Al-Shafai  4 years ago +378

    Dude you are gonna be big ... This stuff is gold

  • Cherry Berry
    Cherry Berry  3 years ago +485

    Ugh I'm supposed to study for finalssss what am I doingggg😂 I can't stop watching these videos 👍👌

  • Bernadine  Guimary
    Bernadine Guimary  3 years ago +125

    Does anyone else try looking into the reflections of his appliances to see his face

  • Breauna Powell
    Breauna Powell  3 years ago +51

    That moment when you find a male YouTuber who cooks just like you, but you're already married to someone who's terrified of everything beside fried chicken. Lol darn

  • Sabrina Sulong
    Sabrina Sulong  3 years ago +104

    When I was in France for awhile I had to make do with eating my kale without any poison because every time I tried to ask for it at the grocery store they all laugh and point to the fish section. I don't want a fish, I want a vial of poison god damn it!

  • Kate
    Kate  3 years ago +195

    I found this channel yesterday, and I have just finished watching every episode today xD

  • Ryan Wreyford
    Ryan Wreyford  4 years ago +42

    watching this while eating the open face breakfast sandwich you made in an earlier video. I swear this channel is a godsend for a college kid like me who has the attention span of a gold fish and can't cook to save his life.

  • M
    M  4 years ago +27

    I love your videos, each one is very original. Also, I've now started unintentionally chanting along with the outro each time I rewatch your vids, so there's that.

  • sloog
    sloog  4 years ago +66

    I would have liked to see avocado in this recipe.

  • dexterhoney0
    dexterhoney0  4 years ago +22

    Can you teach us how to cook a frying pan

  • 179jfkla
    179jfkla  2 years ago +16

    "... it absorbs a ton of New Age residue..." I'm dying

  • Silvia  Spampinato
    Silvia Spampinato  3 years ago +9

    This is the first time that I have actually enjoyed kale. Great recipe. Thank you, you do not suck at cooking!

  • brv002
    brv002  4 years ago +7

    I'm still waiting for you to tell me when I'm supposed to add the BBQ sauce... But other than that it's pretty good.

  • Berrymouse
    Berrymouse  4 years ago +5

    You just have to use natural, organic poison. Way easier on the digestive tract.