Chromebook Plus (V2): Draw More of You



  • Yvonne's Vlogs  (Jul 29, 2018))

    why is she reading the keyboard?

  • 44 Liam  (Sep 28, 2018))

    Cause she’s tryin to learn the English alphabet

  • Gone Mad  (Jul 29, 2018))

    I wanna buy it😍🤨

  • Mr Oculus  (Dec 27, 2018))


  • its zerø døød  (Aug 13, 2018))

    Meh you should get a pixelbook cause i have a samsung chromebook plus and really doesnt do all these things

  • SanityAnimations  (Jul 29, 2018))

    I love you samsung

  • Dennis Dingemanse  (Aug 1, 2018))

    Sanitystreak Thats a lie and you know it

  • everyone buy samsung  (Jul 29, 2018))

    Compare to this macbook are overprice junk

  • Lavaa Arcanum  (Aug 5, 2018))

    everyone buy samsung Actually, no it’s not. Mostly all Youtubers use Mac books for editing, Mac books and iMacs are best for editing. It’s just them people like Samsung more because it’s cheaper.

  • Techo Company  (Aug 5, 2018))

    If it is windows device it can be compared other than that machook wins samsung kid

  • Cool

  • Retul  (Jul 29, 2018))

    This video is not edited on a Chromebook

  • Jessie James Sambilad  (Jan 14, 2019))

    Samsung is a great deal

  • wopwop nah  (Aug 5, 2018))

    Are you stupid or something bro?

  • Matthew Baker  (Aug 6, 2018))

    For those of you wondering this is Allie Clarks on Instagram. I thought she looked familiar!

  • Ei Menduim  (Aug 19, 2018))

    Alguém BRASIL

  • Rodrigo Melo  (Sep 30, 2018))

    brasileiro é uma praga mesmo kkkkk

  • Mr. D  (Jul 30, 2018))

    But why not selling it in Switzerland !?!?😭I want one Samsung !!!!!

  • Criserio Martinez Lopez  (Jul 29, 2018))

    But you use only to play fornite :v

  • its zerø døød  (Aug 13, 2018))

    Criserio Martinez Lopez you cant play fortnite on it i have one

  • Quazar _omega  (Aug 4, 2018))

    Jokes apart, with a great workaround this can be real, and it's not so hard