Relaxing Japanese Zen Music - Best Sleep Music & Peaceful Music

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • Relaxing Japanese Zen Music - Best Sleep Music & Peaceful Music

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  • Mary J
    Mary J  5 hours ago

    Some of these songs are from Mandala Dreams, a very talented artist that should receive credit for his amazing work

  • Firewalk 368
    Firewalk 368  17 hours ago +1


  • That Guy Named Kratos

    Leaves from the vine
    Falling so slow
    Like fragile tiny shells
    Drifting in the foam
    Little soldier boy
    Come marching home
    Brave soldier boy
    Comes marching home

  • afkmt1
    afkmt1  2 days ago

    Very beautiful side of Japan. One of great countries. Peaceful greeting from a muslim.

  • Richest Man
    Richest Man  3 days ago

    Smooth relax many moneys shall come in to me or my accounts for real ^$$$^^^

  • Cindi Normangsh
    Cindi Normangsh  4 days ago

    Tis makes me want to go to japan

  • B-Ket Rick
    B-Ket Rick  5 days ago

    What is wrong with everyone in the comments? like.. fr?

  • Qtn 29
    Qtn 29  7 days ago

    I wish I could talk with people love this, the atmosphere and spirit of this music...

  • Les Naturales
    Les Naturales  7 days ago

    So soothing . Thanks

  • Laura_draws qwq
    Laura_draws qwq  7 days ago

    Can i plez sleep

  • 张犁
    张犁  7 days ago +1

    This is more like Chinese classical music,zither

  • Emaetic Gaming
    Emaetic Gaming  7 days ago +1

    For anyone who comes after me.
    i copied it tho so don't thank me

    ~ Track list ~

    0:00:00 Sayonara Sun
    0:03:01 Shade of The Sunflower
    0:06:24 Oku No In
    0:10:15 Forest of Lost Souls
    0:14:09 State of Zen
    0:18:19 Sakura Dreams 8
    0:20:23 Sakura Dreams
    0:22:20 Sakura Dreams 15
    0:24:32 Sakura Dreams 3
    0:26:30 Sakura Dreams 4
    0:28:15 Sakura Dreams 18
    0:30:09 Kimono of Tears

  • Waqas na
    Waqas na  7 days ago

    That is my dream place

  • Joyce Lafarque
    Joyce Lafarque  7 days ago

    Some kinda sound like minecraft music

  • ChaosChampion
    ChaosChampion  7 days ago

    Great music for learning. Also a great motivation to do your best and become successful, so you can one day live in the promised land Japan :)

  • Arturo Mena
    Arturo Mena  7 days ago +1

    I close my eyes............

    Nothing to hear except peace music, seeing the cherry blossom 🌸 falling down, feeling the wind and imagining myself in a small temple underneath it sitting Chris cross, and just thinking of things that calm me down......and feel my darkness going away and also think of my family

  • tony Nguyen
    tony Nguyen  7 days ago +6

    Imagine living in a world like this would be a dream..

  • Alister Michaels
    Alister Michaels  7 days ago

    Disliked due to ads every 6mins. Can't meditate to this.

  • maria fournier
    maria fournier  14 days ago

    very sweet music

  • Calum HGaming
    Calum HGaming  14 days ago

    Using this to become a Jedi