Hot Cross Buns | HUGE Nursery Rhymes Collection | 90 Minutes Compilation from LittleBabyBum!

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 29, 2015
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    Enjoy this fun compilation, starting with Little Puppy Song and plus lots more nursery rhymes!

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    0:04 Hot Cross Buns
    1:21 Johny Johny Yes Papa
    2:31 Ice Cream Song
    3:54 This Little Piggy
    5:32 Six Little Ducks
    7:28 Days Of The Week Song
    9:07 Finger Family - part 3
    11:08 Road Safety Song
    12:58 Colors & Objects
    14:13 Little Bo Peep
    15:35 The Grand Old Duke Of York
    16:51 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - part 3
    18:46 Star Light Star Bright
    20:42 Mr Sun
    22:26 Getting Dressed Song
    23:57 Sharing Song
    25:43 A Sailor Went To Sea
    27:23 The Bear Went Over The Mountain
    29:14 Driving In My Car
    30:41 Wheels On The Bus - part 7
    32:38 Big & Small
    34:23 If You're Happy And You Know It - part 2
    36:08 Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
    37:50 Happy Birthday Song
    38:58 One Potato, Two Potato
    40:54 Numbers Song 10-100
    42:46 Ten Little Buses
    45:01 Hot Cross Buns Karaoke
    46:17 Johny Johny Yes Papa Karaoke
    47:27 Ice Cream Song Karaoke
    48:50 This Little Piggy Karaoke
    50:29 Six Little Ducks Karaoke
    52:25 Days Of The Week Song Karaoke
    54:02 Finger Family - part 3 Karaoke
    56:04 Road Safety Song Karaoke
    57:55 Colors & Objects Karaoke
    59:09 Little Bo Peep Karaoke
    1:00:32 The Grand Old Duke Of York Karaoke
    1:01:48 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - part 3 Karaoke
    1:03:43 Star Light Star Bright Karaoke
    1:05:39 Mr Sun Karaoke
    1:07:22 Getting Dressed Song Karaoke
    1:08:53 Sharing Song Karaoke
    1:10:39 A Sailor Went To Sea Karaoke
    1:12:19 The Bear Went Over The Mountain Karaoke
    1:14:10 Driving In My Car Karaoke
    1:15:37 Wheels On The Bus - part 7 Karaoke
    1:17:33 Big & Small Karaoke
    1:19:19 If You're Happy And You Know It - part 2 Karaoke
    1:21:04 Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush Karaoke
    1:22:47 Happy Birthday Song Karaoke
    1:23:54 One Potato, Two Potato Karaoke
    1:25:50 Numbers Song 10-100 Karaoke
    1:27:42 Ten Little Buses Karaoke
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  • Jenn Shiner
    Jenn Shiner  a years ago +1

    My daughter loves them we put them on for her when she's getting ready for bed at night

  • myown chan
    myown chan  a years ago

    14+ million sub. Wow congrats. And tnx for this music whenever my baby has tantrum i turned this music on and he's relieved. Love the karaoke too

  • Erik Perez
    Erik Perez  a years ago +1

    My baby loves these little kittens since she was 4 months old, now she's 1 year old and still loves all those videos

  • Alfonso Martinez
    Alfonso Martinez  a years ago +1

    Love the vid its perfect for my little sister i love you lbb👑👑👑😏😏😂😁😀😉😊

  • NIrOJithA BaLaSINGam


  • Pabalat#12
    Pabalat#12  2 years ago +1

    LBB please kindly add in to your channel Big And Small Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Victor Castellano
    Victor Castellano  2 years ago

    I love hot cross buns like if you agree

  • Karen Galvez
    Karen Galvez  2 years ago

    Best for a two year old!


    my 8 month old can't stop watching this. he loves it so much

  • Nur fatimah Abu taher
    Nur fatimah Abu taher  2 years ago +3

    awesome 😁😘😇😑😍😎❤💗💓💖also my baby brother love this

  • Jeromey Johnson
    Jeromey Johnson  2 years ago +1

    My son loves your peekaboo song

  • Dramaine wright
    Dramaine wright  2 years ago +6

    love it i love the song

  • Ian Dalmacio
    Ian Dalmacio  2 years ago +6

    This is cool!

  • Prashant Ishi
    Prashant Ishi  3 years ago +1


  • Rya Ly
    Rya Ly  3 years ago +5

    My sister like this Chanel 😄😄

  • Ivy
    Ivy  3 years ago +13

    i love hotr cross buns, vv tasty

    BABA JAJA  3 years ago +3

    This is a NURSERY RYHME! We play this with the recorder...Ehhhhhhh

  • Jose Ricardo Gómez Basualto

    i love it

  • Anantha GuruRaghavendran A


  • giang bui
    giang bui  3 years ago +4

    I want to Thank Little Baby Bun for uploading the videos my One-year old daughter love this video :) Thanks again... i would like to know if you will be posting videos with the lyrics. Let me know . thabks again.