Chopped Salami Grilled Cheese - You Suck at Cooking (episode 93)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 31, 2019
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    That measuring cup or bowl doesn't have to be cold. In fact, it's almost certainly better if it is not.

    So shred around a cup of cheddar
    Chop up some salami
    Chop up a dill pickle
    Add a teaspoon of dijon
    Add a squirt of hot sauce
    Fangjangle it
    Don’t worry about the ratios too much even though the ones I described are perfect
    If you like a thinner sandwich, you might want to shred around 1.5 cups of cheese and make two
    If you like a thicker sandwich, make something else because melted cheese usually has to obey the laws of physics
    Butter one side of each slice of bread, hock in that cheese mixture, then cook it low and slow until it’s golden brown and melted.
    If anyone tries to tell you it’s a melt and not a grilled cheese, never speak to them again.


  • Amir Palamar
    Amir Palamar  18 hours ago

    Omfg I’m making this shit tomorrow

  • April R
    April R  yesterday

    There is something seriously wrong with this man but I think I may be in love

  • Iwan Arkani
    Iwan Arkani  2 days ago

    HEY. at least u r better than me so u r better than someone

  • luedriver
    luedriver  3 days ago

    idk why I always get a sense of dejavu when watching your videos

  • Caffeinated Nation

    I'm convinced that YSAC is related to H2B, if not, the same person

  • Alackofcaring
    Alackofcaring  3 days ago

    1:42 I'm pretty sure that was the same pat of butter.
    You absolute madman

  • captain insano
    captain insano  4 days ago

    Could I just please ask why the cheese was where it was?? I'm extremely confused

  • Estevan Munoz
    Estevan Munoz  6 days ago +1

    No you suck at cooking

  • KasaKat Animates
    KasaKat Animates  7 days ago

    Who else found out binging with babish liked this

  • Bri Cheeze
    Bri Cheeze  7 days ago

    am i going mentally insane or are there two different hands or is this part of some joke that im to stupid to understand
    w h a t

  • Dylan Mattes
    Dylan Mattes  7 days ago +1

    I love this channel more then I can explain. Epic funny cooking, with good boys at the end. Love itttt

  • Yeet Skeet
    Yeet Skeet  7 days ago

    Where does he live is what’s I wanna know

  • Wawawawa Wawaw
    Wawawawa Wawaw  7 days ago

    ... That's just a croque monsieur actually

  • Son Gohan
    Son Gohan  7 days ago

    Almost everything is good in slow motion.

  • HiFabio
    HiFabio  7 days ago

    It really bothers me how he calls siracha sauce hot sauce

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker  7 days ago

    This is one of the funniest things i've seen in a very long time. Bravo Sir, please keep doing you.

  • Emmanuel Gapate
    Emmanuel Gapate  7 days ago

    what if this guy comes across with howtobasic ?


  • Emmanuel Gapate
    Emmanuel Gapate  7 days ago +1

    me : watches this video
    brain : r u sure about this ?
    me : yeah... why ?
    brain : you have an exam right ?
    me : ..... ill review tomorrow...
    brain : for fucksake tomorows the exam and you have been watching this since episode 34 !!

  • Lord of Raisins
    Lord of Raisins  7 days ago

    You didn't say what kind of bread to go with other than it needed to be "inherently evil" So I went with Russian Rye.

  • _Toxic-Speepaints_

    This is giving me the spook