Chopped Salami Grilled Cheese - You Suck at Cooking (episode 93)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 31, 2019
  • Check out my weird AF cook book:

    That measuring cup or bowl doesn't have to be cold. In fact, it's almost certainly better if it is not.

    So shred around a cup of cheddar
    Chop up some salami
    Chop up a dill pickle
    Add a teaspoon of dijon
    Add a squirt of hot sauce
    Fangjangle it
    Don’t worry about the ratios too much even though the ones I described are perfect
    If you like a thinner sandwich, you might want to shred around 1.5 cups of cheese and make two
    If you like a thicker sandwich, make something else because melted cheese usually has to obey the laws of physics
    Butter one side of each slice of bread, hock in that cheese mixture, then cook it low and slow until it’s golden brown and melted.
    If anyone tries to tell you it’s a melt and not a grilled cheese, never speak to them again.


  • Legendary Warrior

    He sounds like Adam Ragusea

  • Zir Reamico
    Zir Reamico  3 days ago

    Patty Melt next :)

  • Beth G
    Beth G  4 days ago

    It is called a cheese toasty

  • Josh Palmquist
    Josh Palmquist  5 days ago

    Y’all ever noticed that the dogs keep changing throughout the different episodes?

  • eehnis
    eehnis  7 days ago

    Weird how nun of the comments are about how good that looks

  • Midnight star
    Midnight star  7 days ago

    I do wonder what the people outside think when your putting forks and spoons in trees to make a video and buttering logs.

  • yeti spegeti
    yeti spegeti  7 days ago

    Made this and it turned out amazing

  • John shepherd
    John shepherd  7 days ago

    Love the fuck out of your humor

  • YH C
    YH C  7 days ago

    2:14 Ah yes, my favorite color, S A L A M I

  • some dude
    some dude  7 days ago

    i made this as a joke, and i must say im pleased with myself

  • ColDaddy Supreme
    ColDaddy Supreme  7 days ago

    A grilled cheese consists of only these following items. Cheese. Bread with spread (usually butter). This entire subreddit consist of "melts". Almost every "grilled cheese" sandwich i see on here has other items added to it. The fact that this subreddit is called "grilledcheese" is nothing short of utter blasphemy. Let me start out by saying I have nothing against melts, I just hate their association with sandwiches that are not grilled cheeses. Adding cheese to your tuna sandwich? It's called a Tuna melt. Totally different. Want to add bacon and some pretentious bread crumbs with spinach? I don't know what the hell you'd call that but it's not a grilled cheese. I would be more than willing to wager I've eaten more grilled cheeses in my 21 years than any of you had in your entire lives. I have one almost everyday and sometimes more than just one sandwich. Want to personalize your grilled cheese? Use a mix of different cheeses or use sourdough or french bread. But if you want to add some pulled pork and take a picture of it, make your own subreddit entitled "melts" because that is not a fucking grilled cheese. I'm not a religious man nor am I anything close to a culinary expert. But as a bland white mid-western male I am honestly the most passionate person when it comes to grilled cheese and mac & cheese. All of you foodies stay the hell away from our grilled cheeses and stop associating your sandwich melts with them. Yet again, it is utter blasphemy and it rocks me to the core of my pale being. Shit, I stopped lurking after 3 years and made this account for the sole purpose of posting this. I've seen post after post of peoples "grilled cheeses" all over reddit and it's been driving me insane. The moment i saw this subreddit this morning I finally snapped. Hell, I may even start my own subreddit just because I know this one exists now.

    You god damn heretics. Respect the grilled cheese and stop changing it into whatever you like and love it for it what it is. Or make your damn melt sandwich and call it for what it is. A melt.

  • Christopher Hansen

    Do you live in the northwest??

  • Shawn Heatherly
    Shawn Heatherly  14 days ago

    If you've never tried a grilled cheese with salami. Then you're honestly "special." Sorry I meant retarded

  • Hannah Hollenbeak
    Hannah Hollenbeak  14 days ago +2

    1 like = one person that actually stays through the song at the end

  • Trey Barker
    Trey Barker  14 days ago

    Ugly dog

  • Joyce Fuller
    Joyce Fuller  14 days ago +1

    The combination of ingredients looks really interesting ... 🤔

  • K. Elizabeth
    K. Elizabeth  14 days ago

    Just made this, using different cheese, mustard and chili garlic sauce. fucking dankkk bro

  • Spencer Baxter54
    Spencer Baxter54  14 days ago

    You’re walking in the woods one day
    There’s no one around and your phone is dead
    When suddenly you see him

    GARDEN SALAD  21 days ago


  • oh sees shitposts
    oh sees shitposts  21 days ago

    I made this, now it's my favorite breakfast.