Neuroscientist Anil Seth Answers Neuroscience Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 20, 2018
  • Neuroscientist and public science communicator Anil Seth uses the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about neuroscience. How does memory work? Can we delete memories? Do blind people dream? Anil answers all these questions and more!

    Featuring Anil Seth, Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience and Co-Director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex, UK

    Twitter: @anilkseth

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    Neuroscientist Anil Seth Answers Neuroscience Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED


  • The man to scared to get a tattoo

    I think the biggest confusion that people have about memory is that you store them as if their files in a hard drive or something, but in reality its all connections, and having more memories and connections actually is more likely to help learn and remember more new things because the more concepts exists in your mind the least effort you need to learn familiar things. So I encourage anyone that wants to learn new languages, new fields of science, new music etc and is afraid you're cluttering your mind, go and do it, you will only help yourself.

  • Robert Begley
    Robert Begley  yesterday

    My psych teacher at community showed us a project where they were pinpointing the neuron in rat brains, almost like that of an electric circuit, ed boyden. it was really interesting. what part of the brain is used, i think i read something in a psych book about that guy in the railroad, i've had a orbital bone fracture, and a minor brain bleed, i think the decision making part of my brain may have been affected, maybe ed boyden could pinpoint and stimulate it so that i can think of consequences subconsciously, or maybe lack there of. I've been taking dmae sporadically, maybe that will help, but i feel like i'm ahead of the curve as far as frontal lobe function goes.

  • Robert Begley
    Robert Begley  yesterday

    how can you just let that rubix cube sit there unsolved.

  • PrettaeeRicky
    PrettaeeRicky  yesterday

    want to know how to get rid of some memories...?dont sleep motherfuker there you go

  • jason sparks
    jason sparks  6 days ago

    His brain is talking about itself and how it works. Congrats on being bamboozled along with me.

  • Paula Torres Cuarental

    I would love to ask this guy why is it that the rare times i remember a dream is always nightmares i remember xD

  • Mr Being
    Mr Being  14 days ago

    I saw this in recommendation after watching a lot of dynamo videos. Now youtube algo started picking videos by face recognition on thumbnails.🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Simpious
    Simpious  14 days ago

    1:45 Honey, that's called a concussion.

  • Sarah F
    Sarah F  14 days ago

    wow this guy is great

  • banana slam this dick

    Wait so when I dream and the bodies are out of proportion Is that when brain messing with me?

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose  1 months ago

    Wrong.. KT has nothing to do with the particular space of the brain where we think that happens.

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose  1 months ago

    Gossip Girl people are vain, people who don’t like to waste time with social interaction are “freaks” and so,..?

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose  1 months ago

    For some not speaking is way better, therefore social media helps a lot.

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose  1 months ago

    If anything what you expect is the interaction...

  • Victoria Owens
    Victoria Owens  1 months ago

    As a person with an eidetic memory, I promise you that forgetting is a privilege. I relive moments and the emotions associated with them every time I recall. It serves me well in my studies, but is terrible otherwise.

  • Sahand Soltanieh
    Sahand Soltanieh  1 months ago


  • Ahldrey Ganipan
    Ahldrey Ganipan  1 months ago


  • SpartanX2000
    SpartanX2000  1 months ago

    Anil: that's a great question!

  • Danielle Bradley
    Danielle Bradley  1 months ago +1

    Anil, you are so nice; you said “good question” about almost every question. Thanks for being our teacher!

  • DeathEgg666
    DeathEgg666  1 months ago

    1st one is a shout out to Karl Pilkington