My Sister Sued me Claiming Child Abuse - Court Outcome

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 27, 2018
  • This is about 6 months worth of my life drama rolled up into less than 30 minutes. This was difficult for myself as well as Jessica, but it is over. Thanks for watching. 01/26/2018Best 2 channel IR Dashcam: the Mystro app: Get Mystro: CarGo: up to drive with Uber: $100 - $500 bonus: up to drive with Lyft: $100 - $500 bonus: Amazon Rideshare Store: Uber Man Store: http://www.ubermanstore.comSign Up to get paid daily: us on FaceBook: @UberManYouTubeMystro on Facebook: on Twitter: on YouTube: on Instagram: (Outro): Astray featuring Madi Larson Get the song here:


  • Richard Wrynn
    Richard Wrynn  a years ago +119

    Another example of why being single is a better option.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover  4 months ago +61

    Hey man stay strong even if I'm a year late

  • vampireratt
    vampireratt  a years ago +81 a former cop It sounds like he has all the signs of sociopathy.... highly intelligent and manipulative. ...they know exactly what to say.... there is no cure can't grow a conscience. ...he is definitely capable of murder with no remorse or feeling about it. It is not ýour fault. The good news is it was caught early...BEFORE he killed someone. He needs to be in a proper facility that can give him the lifetime treatment he needs.

  • The App Channel
    The App Channel  a years ago +30

    Same thing happened to me. My son was twirling knives around, smoking weed and threatening people. I had no choice other than to put him out because of all of the altercations we had. His grandmother took him in only to receive the same treatment. After his grandmother passed, he found hims Ltd almost homeless. He had no other choice than to change his behavior regardless of his mental conditions. He then moved in with my brother at which point he realized the only people left in his life that gave a damn was me. He then truly changed and now our relationship is stronger than ever. As your son gets older, I promise things will get better. Don’t stress man, everything almost always work out in the end.

  • Steve Rodgers
    Steve Rodgers  a years ago +27

    You're surrounded by sociopaths. Expect a violation of the court order.

  • Mike Petersen
    Mike Petersen  a years ago +33

    Uberman ...
    I went through entirely similar circumstances 15 years ago. It almost killed me. I look at you onscreen and it all comes rushing back like it all happened yesterday.
    What I want to tell you is that IT WILL GET BETTER. It did for me. Not right away ... but eventually, I managed to get my equinimity back. I feel for you, man, I really do. The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. All you have to do is see it and catch the train that's hauling it. I did.
    Let me know if you want a train schedule ...

  • vampireratt
    vampireratt  a years ago +40

    You did right. The truth is your son needs to be in a facility for life. There is no cure for what he has. Based on what you have told us.

  • Brannon
    Brannon  a years ago +15

    Jesus Christ. I’m sorry you have gone through this. I worry that your son is going to hurt people. Definitely a serious problem. All the signs are there. Sounds like you’ve exhausted every avenue in getting him treatment. Your son’s family situation now is like throwing gallons of gasoline on an already blazing fire.
    I know this might sound easy for me to say, but, you’ve done the right thing for yourself. Your safety matters.

  • Chris S
    Chris S  a years ago +8

    I feel bad for your daughter.

  • jennie Bailey
    jennie Bailey  a years ago +16

    I'm sorry for your struggles but also thank you for sharing your story and God bless you for standing with your son.

  • gymratmagoo54
    gymratmagoo54  a years ago +7

    He might be your baby but when he threatens your livelyhood That is tossed out the window with the kitchen sink... it is bitter sweet... but your alive.

  • Валерий Емельянов

    What a disaster, Randy!
    I'm really feel tears in my eyes...
    What a mess is in the mind of yours!!!
    Keep strong!

  • Hilda Carrillo
    Hilda Carrillo  a years ago +10

    God bless you Uber Man. You have been through hell with baby momma. God knows you did everything for your family. I pray that your son gets better. Baby momma knows how to manipulate people. As much as hurts you, the outcome might be for the best. They won't have you to blame.

  • Ernie Neto
    Ernie Neto  a years ago +8

    some times i say to myself, thank goodness i didn't get married and have children MGTOW

  • scott clingan
    scott clingan  4 months ago +9

    My heart hurts and goes out to you brother,,,I'm praying for you .

  • Chris Sephirah
    Chris Sephirah  a years ago +8

    I'm so sorry dude. This sounds like an absolute nightmare. All those drugs must have done some serious damage.

  • Michelle
    Michelle  a years ago +9

    Hey, I feel like I am calling into a radio station and should say - long time listener, first time caller.
    I am sorry for the trouble you have had with your son and baby mamma. In college I had the opportunity to spend time with a few children diagnosed with RAD and their families. I can't empathize but I can understand how difficult your experiences have been.
    I hope this isn't overstepping and I want to make it clear I am not diagnosing, it would violate the ethics of my license. The characteristics, actions and behaviors you described align with the manifestation of Antisocial Personality Disorder (aka psychopath). An individual with APD does not have feelings or remorse for their actions. APD's have reduced connections between the ventromedial prefrontal cortex responsible for sentiments such as empathy and guilt. Additionally, APD's show less coordinated activity going to and from the amygdala. The amygdala regulates fear and anxiety (no fear of arrest, parents, dangerous behaviors, consequences). Both of these areas of the brain are also responsible for regulating emotion and social behavior.
    The science can be confusing but basically imagine you are put under completely in surgery. Do you feel the scalpel that sliced you open to take out your appendix? What does the scalpel feels like, was it cold or warm? How long did the incision take? It is difficult to answer these questions or know what the scalpel felt like when you don't even feel it in the first place. That is how the brain of a APD works. They don't feel the emotion, guilt, remorse, fear or anxiety in the first place, so they can't change their behavior, thoughts, or actions based on these feelings (example: I am not going to walk out the door and when my dad yells "get back in your room, you are grounded", say "F U old man" and squeal out of the driveway with dads new car using the keys I just stole out of the kitchen...because I would feel guilty for talking to my dad that way, for taking his car, I would feel remorse, etc)
    Some characteristics include: violating the rights and considerations of others without remorse, engaging in behavior which would be grounds for criminal arrest, manipulative and hurting others with their manipulation, behaviors outside the social and family norms, making decisions driven by their own desires without considering the needs or negative effects of their actions on others, they can be charismatic and good at obtaining sympathy from others, their intelligence is higher than normal/average, have an intuitive ability to rapidly observe and analyze others, determining their needs and preferences, and present it in a manner to facilitate manipulation and exploitation, able to use others and harm others without shame or regret, impulsive behavior, blatant disregard for safety of self and others, will take away safety of others for personal manipulation and motivations, and lack of remorse for their actions.
    When I watched your video the characteristics of an APD stuck out to me strongly. You may be thinking with all the psychologist and psychiatrists and doctors why would no one diagnose him with this then instead of the 5 other diagnoses he has? How can a psychologist watching my video pick up on behaviors others haven't? So, I'm not diagnosing, I am just stating the actions you describe align with APD. The reasons why your sons doctors would not have diagnosed him is because the DSM does not allow us to diagnose until 18. Even though behaviors start to be stronger around age 15, progressively getting worse, technically an individual must be 18 to know for sure and to diagnose. It may be the reason why the doctors didn't want him in society though.
    I have never met a true APD in society, even throughout my schooling. I have met many but they were all in prison. It is estimated only 1% of APD adults are in society. As you probably can imagine, they commit heinous crimes without feeling guilt, emotion, remorse, or a conscience. One man I met in prison when I was working on my masters killed his grandmother raising him as a young man because she wouldn't give him $3 to go to the corner store. So he got up, went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, stabbed her 14 times, leaving the knife in her body, he got money out of her pocket, went to the corner store, came back and ate his chips with his soda on the couch next to her while watching T.V.
    It is obviously hard to do ethical and scientific studies to gain a better understanding how the remaining 1% stay successful in society but it is suspected their reward system is satisfied in other ways, along with their environment and upbringing being a large factor. For example, the son of a Fortune 500 company that has the ability to fly to another country for dinner on impulse, have any woman he wants, and even possibly commit crimes in which money sways good ol' blind Lady of Justice.
    If it was my child I would want this comment. I simply kept asking myself what would I want. It's something for you to be mindful of. I send you and your family lots of love. ❤️ **hugs**

  • Jackson Rip Holmes
    Jackson Rip Holmes  a years ago +10

    Dear Uber Man:
    Your situation sounds like a Soap Opera, and an ongoing nightmare.
    I am very sorry to learn of such extraordinary suffering.
    J. Rip Holmes

  • B-Thrash
    B-Thrash  a years ago +5

    So sad, so many kids today are so F'd, whether 14, 18, 24 or 28. No instinct, no gumption, no chance. This is going to be one big sad world in 25 years. My condolences and best wishes, considering what you're going through.

  • Tom S
    Tom S  a years ago +6

    Wow, I can't imagine how you have made it through all this and not lost your marbles. Sorry to hear of this and hope things get better going forward, take care!