Binging with Babish: Lemon Pepper Wet from Atlanta

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 25, 2017
  • Lemon Pepper Wet is an Atlantan institution, virtually unknown outside the Peach State until Donald Glover's groundbreaking series made us salivate without even showing us the pay dirt. Look behind the Pulp-Fiction-style glowing MacGuffin and see the saucy, zesty wings underneath with this week's episode. Shout out to J. Kenji Lopez-Alt for his groundbreaking oven wing technique.Recipes available on soon!Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free Works Butcher ApronAmazon Affiliate Link: Link: support Binging with Babish! Check out my Patreon at - you can get access to bonus videos, special content, and even a custom episode if you give me enough sweet sweet money! With Babish Website: With Babish Website:


  • Ruben Avila  1 years ago

    Meanwhile I can make a mean bowl of cereal.

  • Michael H  3 days ago

    @Malcolm Fitzpatrick I work with a guy who has literally an arsenal of Asian spices/sauces/additives etc, and he buys the cheapest ramen just to zest it up with his own stuff. It looks and smells absolutely amazing, but I can't justify paying $50 plus on sauce for 20 cent ramen

  • Dude  4 days ago

    Stephanie Peña you can come in to the toughest of the tough

  • Brandon Salam  1 years ago

    You should make something from Chowder lol

  • Papa Ndao  1 months ago

    Thrice cream

  • Dustin La Wheat  3 months ago

    burple nurples

  • SA Games  1 years ago

    Do the burger from the regular show that's supposed to be sold once every 100 years.

  • as of you writing this, he did

  • Neel Singh  11 months ago

    The Ultimeatum

  • Angular Momentum  1 years ago

    I live in Tunisia and I have access to only whole ingredients. I appreciate your including how to make lemon pepper the nice thing is I already make my own powdered lemon and garlic powder so I'm excited to put everything together and try these wings!😍 also I love your videos especially right before bed your voice is calming and your content is fantastic. Thank you for your hard work

  • Bananenforall 00  11 days ago

    @Long duk dong Your IP will be tracked down and your mother will be raped very soon. Enjoy yo miserable life.

  • Sarah A. Standifer  1 months ago

    I can't help but think everything you cook must taste incredible because you use whole ingredients. Sounds time-consuming but also well worth it.

  • Dawson Little  1 years ago

    I don't even cook or anything but these videos are so entertaining!

  • Anson Hu  8 months ago

    Ey yo same!

  • DivineMagus  11 months ago

    Dawson Little onM

  • 4040anan  1 years ago

    Try to cook meth from Breaking Bad!

  • Just different  2 months ago

    This feed is fucking amazing

  • JayDee  4 months ago

    You have brought honor to Atlanta. You may pass

  • Sergio Garcia  1 years ago

    Someone please get this man to make the Good Burger and the Mondo BurgerIt needs to be done

  • Clayton L  5 months ago

    As long as he makes the Ed Sauce for the Good Burger, I'm game.

  • Kat Nicholson  6 months ago

    Cory Goodman that’s never stopped him before

  • Cha Cha Malone  1 years ago

    Made these today and they were A1! But be sure to put the buffalo sauce on the chicken first, and then the seasoning. Also, just a heads up to NOT get baking powder confused with baking soda!!! I’ve seen several comments telling everyone the baking soda method doesn’t taste Baking ‘powder’, while it contains a smaller amount of baking soda, it contains other agents that activates differently on the skin of the chicken so that it gets crispy and browns easier. So yes, baking ‘powder’ do...

  • Mattforce360  5 months ago

    Lol "Only make it if you're in the wilderness or somerhing" yea Im lost in the forest but luckily I have my food processor and oven with me.