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  • Published on:  Monday, March 12, 2018
  • im in LOVE with how i edited this! I was kinda inspired by danielion's playlists for the translucent white box, and the thumbnail looks so gooood. Should i edit like this from now on? lemme know in the comments! SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joohoneybuns/photo creds: https://unsplash.com/photos/mQ4Ty8VmnPkemail [email protected] if you're the artist of one of these songs and you would like to have it removed.


  • la vie en rose
    la vie en rose  a years ago +393

    1. Punchnello - Balcony 00:00
    2. CIKI - Syndrome 2:17
    3. Rheehab - Peach (ft. Nason, Ripely) 5:59
    4. Giriboy - 졸업 (ft. 죠지)(prod. C#000000) 8:21
    5. Eptend - Neverland 12:05
    6. 고영광 x o!ntment - Ride (ft. Bumby, Lay.Bn) 14:54
    7. Bily Acoustie, Yoon Sanha - Without Knowing It All 18:10
    8. Eric Nam - Bravo My Life! (Prison Playbook OST) 21:52
    9. Zico - She's a Baby 26:00
    10. Zion.T - The Song 28:56
    11. BTOB - Missing You 32:32
    12. Crush - Wanderlust 36:29
    13. Day6 - Put Your Records On (Corinne Bailey Rae cover) 38:57
    14. Urban Zakapa - 2, 1, 2 41:34
    15. Apro - APM (ft. K.vsh) 45:07
    16. 104 - Shake (ft. yelloasis) 48:01

  • Harlene Fae Acosta
    Harlene Fae Acosta  a years ago +190

    me: wait i feel like i can hear jae
    looks at song list
    a day6 song is playing

  • ルラΡούλα
    ルラΡούλα  a years ago +275

    It's actually the thumbnail that made me click this. Daniel is great inspiration. Keep up the good work

  • danielions music
    danielions music  a years ago +133

    the box certainly helps the titles stand out agaisnt busy backgrounds, doesnt it?
    good job with the list!

  • juliett e
    juliett e  a years ago +107

    I'm actually studying for my wednesday exam heh.. listening to thing kind of songs helps me to remember better the definitions that I have to learn by hear ;;..really thanks again. I hope that your day is all sparkling with amazingness ehhehe have a good day/night!! 😁

  • Emily Lam Su
    Emily Lam Su  a years ago +71

    where did you find such rare songs, 1 is good, 2 is lit, 3 gets me real well!

  • Ikram Hamizi
    Ikram Hamizi  a years ago +48

    Punchnello - Balcony's music kinda sounds like Willy Wonka's Pure Imagination (also remade by BOEN) * O *

  • Hương Vũ
    Hương Vũ  a years ago +59

    came for the thumbnail stayed for the songs

  • la vie en rose
    la vie en rose  a years ago +173

    there's actually something wrong with the playlist and i didn't realize till i uploaded. For some reason, my audio didn't export entirely with ALL the songs I originally put in the playlist. It cut off after the 16th song. Should I delete and re-edit or is a 16-song playlist okay? So sorry for the error!

  • Clementino Gilbert Tj
    Clementino Gilbert Tj  a years ago +27

    wait.. the first song sounds like pure imagination. awesome mix though. thank you so much.

  • gabrielle
    gabrielle  a years ago +50

    Thanks for this! Currently studying for finals

  • Sara 사라 Bro
    Sara 사라 Bro  a years ago +26

    bro i've been looking for the name of the first song for EVER!!

  • aya_the_sad_one A
    aya_the_sad_one A  a years ago

    my first thought when i saw this: "i really like the design"

  • rafa
    rafa  a years ago +6

    studying for a history test + finals
    thank you for this <3

  • Jefferson Le
    Jefferson Le  a years ago +23

    This has a great Danielion vibe to it. I love it keep up the good work

  • Jannabee
    Jannabee  a years ago +5

    Listening to this whilst studying for my pharmacology exam , thanks for this

  • wyh
    wyh  a years ago +5

    is the first song a spinoff of the imagination song from charlie and the choco factory?

  • PMSJ
    PMSJ  7 months ago

    was shocked bravo my life is here tooo~ such a great playlist!
    anyways, if u have some spare time watch Prison Playbook hehe not your typical Kdrama :)))

  • Jawaher Hassan
    Jawaher Hassan  a years ago

    I'm so glad you've added ciki into the playlist! He's such an underrated artist that deserves all the love and support <3 ty luv

  • lost slumber
    lost slumber  a years ago

    THis is AMAzing