NRA Reject Dan Bongos Loses His Mind During Fox Segment

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 9, 2019
  • Dan Bongino totally lost his mind during this Fox News clip. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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  • eazyezwife
    eazyezwife  7 days ago

    Bongino is clearly on cocaine.

  • Ed
    Ed  1 months ago

    Dan isn't having a breakdown, he is flabbergasted by the stupidity he just heard. His body language says, "wow, I can't believe that I have to put up with this nonsense." The idea that he should act with police protocol in an interview obviously juxtaposing opposing points of views is ludicrous.

  • Thomas Griffiths
    Thomas Griffiths  3 months ago

    Oingo Boingo got Triggered hilarious

  • Bryan Aitken
    Bryan Aitken  4 months ago

    You're definitely not a Psychiatrist or a financial expert or even a half competent journalist, reporter or commentator... none of the above!!

  • Kamen Neikoo
    Kamen Neikoo  4 months ago

    What a snowflake

  • Robert Shaff
    Robert Shaff  4 months ago

    Click bait, and your show is not a show.

  • CJA 711
    CJA 711  5 months ago

    Fuck off

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube  5 months ago

    an interesting quote by nra president karl frederick to congress in 1934.  "i have never believed in the general practice of carrying weapons. i seldom carry one. … i do not believe in the general promiscuous toting of guns. i think it should be sharply restricted and only under licenses."

  • Jack black
    Jack black  5 months ago

    Ok, first off not a meltdown in the slightest sense. On one hand you have a person who has absolutely no idea of what it's like to be a cop. On the other you have a former law enforcement officer who isn't going to sit back and let someone who has no clue make a ludicrous statement like that and not respond with a certain amount of disgust. Secondly, the other guy is trying to justify a person's irrational reaction to being in the presence of a police officer by quoting a statistic that doesn't even relate. The statistic quoted are from shootings that occurred during a situation where the police were involved. Let me ask you, how mant times have you ever heard of a cop just walking into a place and for no reason whatsoever start shooting people? Never! I tell you what since you think you are so much better than Dan Bongino I challenge you to sit and talk to him on camera. If your not too much of a wuss.

  • ShawnDRuth
    ShawnDRuth  5 months ago

    The data is correct, just because they don't like it does not mean the numbers are wrong. Typical cop like attitude. Cops have qualified immunity and when sued often don't lose it, despite the lawsuit getting paid.

  • ShawnDRuth
    ShawnDRuth  5 months ago

    Who the fuck is Dan Bongos anyways.

  • Kimberlee Pearson-Kinder

    Just another bunch of sick leftists here, bye! a real hater at the mic!

  • Mark Birch
    Mark Birch  6 months ago

    The Majority Report, hahaha, just like the affordable care act, complete and utter opposite of the truth. You are not the majority, and never have been in this country. After Trump wins re election in a landslide and you perverts and corrupt thieves have lost the house again the people will rise up again to stomp out the liberal left and all you stand for, take control of our country once again and purge our institutions of all your Marxist and communist ideas. Thank God for Trump, Thank God for people like Candice Owens, Thank God for those that still think for themselves and actually can still form an opinion on their own like Mr Bongino.

  • highbrass308
    highbrass308  6 months ago

    You're a joke. The man was implying innocent people are mostly killed by cops.
    Liberals are such liars.
    Why don't you have a debate with Bongino?
    FYI his career is booming.
    Yours isn't.

  • Mark Birch
    Mark Birch  6 months ago

    If you think that Bongino was off the mark there, you are either a liberal hack, snoflake yourself, with an agenda to push your left wing garbage on the rest of the public, or you are about the dumbest low IQ personality in shoe leather to ever speak on a show. You people all think you are bringing folks to your side with this completely see thru never ending narrative trying to undermine and remove all common sense from the population at large. Its not working, you people have been wrong, provably wrong on everything you have pushed for the last 3+ years and been having a temper tantrum fit like a 3 year old child ever since the election. You lost, get over it. Look who you have put forward to run against him, complete and utter corrupt morons that between padding their own wallets for power and money, and getting family members to stage lynchings so they can get some bullshit legislation past, do you really think the people are with you? We see you for what you are. We see you for what youve done, we see you for what your trying to accomplish if given power again, WE SEE YOU. And you wont get away with it anymore.

  • Rod1Malkin
    Rod1Malkin  6 months ago

    Police do their job thanklessly. They have to deal with real world. Sure, I don't really like seeing police at my local coffee stop, but not because they are not nice or worthy people, but because their uniforms and often grim demeanor reminds me of the less attractive/aesthetic elements of everyday life i.e. those things I'd rather not think about or be reminded of when I'm on a coffee break or visiting with friends etc. Just like, I don't like to see doctors/nurses in their operating theatre uniforms at the coffee shops near the hospital. Or the sewer workers, ditch diggers in their dirty stained, filthy work clothing. But imagine being a policewoman or policeman. Imagine, working each shift, day after day, week after week for years,... for decades .... with the soul killing task of enforcing our laws, re. the tiny marginal percentage of humanity who are violent or potentially violent, who are permanently or temporarily mentally ill, or drugged out, ... those who prey usually on the weak, poor and sickly in usually the most deprived vulnerable communities... You might as well laugh and jeer, at other people who work at necessary jobs that are distasteful and repulsive, but necessary so that most of us can live our safe normal lives, in our nice safe neighborhoods. We usually only have to contemplate the foul necessities of everyday police work watching youtube. ... in theory, in media, or in fiction ....romanticized. Hey, I say, LETS GIVE THANKS to the Dan Bongino's of the world !!!!!! For those who remind us of the reality, by sticking up for the vast majority of police who do the best they can, which is all we can ask. I'm sure glad, I don't have to 'dirty my hands, and 'hurt my heart' on a regular basis, protecting my neighborhood, the weak and vulnerable, ... We responsible law-abiding peaceful citizens have hired public servants to watch over us... and they deserve our respect at our coffee shops ... Dial 911 ... God's Love for it.

  • Rita Mengucci
    Rita Mengucci  6 months ago

    You are so full of excrement!!

  • Peter De Blieck
    Peter De Blieck  6 months ago

    Tell that guy laughing in the background to shut the fuck up...doesn't he understand how f*cking annoying that is?

  • Elliot J
    Elliot J  6 months ago

    "This guy can't keep his composure and has a breakdown on national TV!" Says the emotionally unstable soy boy who's throwing a fit and having a childlike tantrum over Dan the ex cop rolling his eyes over liberal cop hater enablers.

  • Elliot J
    Elliot J  6 months ago

    I feel uptight about liberal liars and evil race baiting propaganda.