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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 18, 2019
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  • stephy31uk
    stephy31uk  yesterday

    Ken Clarke was a backstabber of Margaret Thatcher as she wasn't going to let the country sink ever deeper into the EU, and Ken, Heseltine and John Major was all in for it.which is why we are dictated to by the EU gangster mob. If Jen wants to be a temp PM, we would be utterly screwed on getting out. This must never be allowed. I think many would rather burn down HOC before he takes such position.

  • 7pinky7
    7pinky7  yesterday

    Boris we are behind you. As Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt. Please take us out of the EU.

  • Danny's Radio
    Danny's Radio  2 days ago

    nigel, 12 billion a month to brussels- A complete waste of our money. From 2016 the eu has already had 36 billion already. Is this just about money???? Im out and always will be....... need I say more!!!!!!!

  • raccoon
    raccoon  3 days ago

    back door big hole claire in it. Sorted.

  • Roma Mikhasev
    Roma Mikhasev  4 days ago


  • Him Next Door
    Him Next Door  6 days ago

    And how many of those assaults on the traitorous police are perpetrated by Muslims?

  • Scud Nut
    Scud Nut  7 days ago

    Air head Clare.

  • JellyBellyMystic
    JellyBellyMystic  14 days ago

    I can't believe how confused Farage is. Stop with the personal politics Farage. There is a lot of work to be done and personal goals need to align with Boris and getting out at all costs. You people are getting caught up in the web of "what ifs". The party of Stag-nation rules here. Yes, exiting the EU will be done and your personal future depends on Boris's support.

  • Jj Jj
    Jj Jj  14 days ago

    Evil man. Given air time!!!!! Thank god my friends one their case against pension theft in the ECHR before this travesty starts.

  • Organisation XIV
    Organisation XIV  14 days ago

    'interim Prime Minister'? There is going to be NO 'interim' Prime Minister. A vote of no confidence should mean an immediate general election.
    Absolutely not, a Prime Minister must always have the backing of the people. Cultural Marxists and socialists be damned - not in the UK, no sir.

  • Tony King
    Tony King  14 days ago

    Clare when we leave that is when you negotiate for two years that is an eu rule but you just get it do you just shut your winging and except the democratic process or leave no one is stopping you from leaving just go we dont need traters like you .

  • Tony King
    Tony King  14 days ago

    Stupid woman shut up clare .

  • Paul H
    Paul H  14 days ago

    How can a vicar's daughter become a politician? I thought, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” was one of the 10 commandments. Maybe it was a daughter's rebellion.

  • Paul H
    Paul H  14 days ago

    The strawman 'deal'. We voted out of the EU not on a 'deal'.

  • John Saubert
    John Saubert  21 days ago

    Save 39 billon and go NO DEAL. Trade will come to you quickly from all over the world. You guys will be the hot new commodity.

  • Radu Savutiu
    Radu Savutiu  21 days ago

    get well Jean Claude Juncker, you corrupt lush. puppet of France and Germany

  • Alan J
    Alan J  21 days ago

    Omg how would any one want to live with Claire.

  • FrankLdR
    FrankLdR  21 days ago

    Congrats to the U.K. Freedom is going to be sweet! Screw the Brussels/Strasbourg mafia. Rich elites milking the middle classes.

  • Edward Bonthrone
    Edward Bonthrone  21 days ago

    She has no idea. I voted OUT - NO DEAL! FINITO - GONE! I don't care if I personally loose money over and have a very meagre income.

  • Anna theQueen
    Anna theQueen  21 days ago

    Wow! Wow!Wow Claire!! What a pathetic deluded vile creature!!! The level of stupidity of her is yet to be beaten!!! Totally utterly second to none!!!! One word to her - DISGRACEFUL!!!!!👎