OPENING 4 HATCHIMALS! Hatching Fun Surprise Eggs

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 31, 2018
  • Today I opened 4 different Hatchimals with my friend Sam Tsui! Which ones did we get? Let me know down below what other videos you'd like to see!MERCH:*Baking Line*:*Nerdy Nummies Cookbook*: http://www.NerdyNummiesCookbook.comHELPFUL LINKS:Buy Hatchimals: 1)'S LINKS:NEW ALBUM: ME HERE:Facebook: http://www.rosannapansino.comInstagram: rosannapansinoThis is not a sponsored video. All products purchased by me.


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  a years ago +1326

    I hope you enjoy today's video! What was your favorite part? 😊💕

  • Katy Purry
    Katy Purry  a years ago +105

    Finally, a YouTuber that actually waits for the egg to hatch rather than using a hammer cause they are impatient. I understand that sometimes they get stuck but every video I've seen they give up and start hammering

  • 아리
    아리  a years ago +196

    "Do you like coffee?"
    Hatchimal talks back
    "Did you just hear that? Babygirl said yes" 😂

  • TropicalPlaties2017
    TropicalPlaties2017  a years ago +25

    I don’t know what’s “sadder” the fact that I watched this video.
    The fact that I now want a hatchamal
    Or the fact that you both played with them. Lol.
    I want one, they look like fun.

  • April Hill
    April Hill  a years ago +132

    That was too much fun, your excitement was infectious, take good care of your new family!

  • Genuinely Gage
    Genuinely Gage  a years ago +855

    Ro - "Do you like coffee?"
    Hatchimal - "Yea"
    Ro - "Did you just hear that? Baby girl said yes"

  • Kristina G
    Kristina G  a years ago +37

    I wonder how Sam's hubby reacted when he saw Sam getting all ecstatic over the Hatchimals

  • Gabby Price
    Gabby Price  a years ago +30

    When Sam’s hatchimal first said something, he looked like he was watching his child be born

  • Natasha Saralegui
    Natasha Saralegui  a years ago +33

    That moment when I thought Ro Broke her hatchimal lol

  • Ashleigh Sim
    Ashleigh Sim  a years ago +83

    I started watching this hoping you didn't do what Dantdm did (throw hatchimal out of window, hit hatchimal with hammer, blow torch hatchimal) I am glad you are kinder Rosanna

  • The Chenie chen show
    The Chenie chen show  a years ago +327

    Awww girl!! Ro and Sam are the best hatchimal parents ever!

  • Bryan Martyn
    Bryan Martyn  a years ago +18

    Ro can you do a part 2 of the Hatchable's walking singing and talking

  • Blanca Navarro
    Blanca Navarro  a years ago +20

    On my way to the store got to get my daughter this.

  • Toastadoodle
    Toastadoodle  a years ago +18

    Just seeing Ro become so excited, is so adorable!

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith  11 months ago +12

    The fact that you were able to afford four hatchimals is amazing XD

  • Edward Sanchez Productions

    Ro I hope you have a great Easter 🐣

  • Sophia Sasso
    Sophia Sasso  a years ago +8

    Ro can't be trusted with a baby! LOL!

  • Julie Jiang
    Julie Jiang  a years ago +10


  • Burnt Potato
    Burnt Potato  a years ago +11

    Ro just pulled it out like nothing will happen

  • Somporn Tiai
    Somporn Tiai  a years ago +6

    Or you should call it cotton candy or uni plssss like so ro can see🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😍😍😍😘😘😘love you ro