Unbelievable! Only Lazy Workers Can Think. The Smartest Workers in the World.

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 25, 2019
  • Unbelievable! Only Lazy Workers Can Think. The Smartest Workers in the World.


  • Markus Taubert
    Markus Taubert  2 days ago

    Unglaublich! Nur Leute, die keine Ahnung haben, können so einen unpassenden Titel wählen. Das unnötigste Video der Welt.

  • G JT
    G JT  2 days ago

    Precisa ler antes de falar que qualquer trabalhador nesse mundo poderia ser chamado de preguiçoso.

  • Geovoni Ves
    Geovoni Ves  3 days ago

    Fucking idiots dont even show what is shown for the preview of the video. The logs being used, not in the video.

  • Rannoch
    Rannoch  3 days ago

    The fake brick wall thing is so fucking dumb. Absolute horrible taste

  • Carlos DeNevier
    Carlos DeNevier  4 days ago

    schwachsinn ...

  • Hans Luftikus
    Hans Luftikus  4 days ago

    Clickbait title/ clickbait thumbnail

  • jshdhjdbcuusududjdjis hdgeyheudhdnncgcyy

    10분짜리에 광고는 오지게 집어쳐넣어놨구나

  • Jackson Puckett
    Jackson Puckett  4 days ago

    This video is the definition of pointless.

  • Калабаха Трассеров

    1:02 и 6:09 - затирку по-ленивому делают. Не вдавливают в швы.

  • spirit4o
    spirit4o  5 days ago

    Не мисля, че са мързеливи по скоро практични.

  • Jan Long
    Jan Long  6 days ago

    too bad for the add

  • Angel 1004
    Angel 1004  6 days ago

    재대로 시공하는데, 제목과달리 저나라들 방식 대로라면 문제될것 없을듯 하네요.

  • marcelo rocha
    marcelo rocha  6 days ago

    metade vídeo metade propaganda

  • Capt. Craig Lehrke

    Nothing says I'm a professional like a butt crack tattoo.

  • SmellyCat
    SmellyCat  6 days ago

    That brickwork is alot of work and expense for nothing.

    OPTIMUSs_JEDI  7 days ago

    :56 what tool was that?

  • Espino Albar
    Espino Albar  7 days ago

    Un techo encofrado encima de bloques, nada de columnas ni una viga de amarre en el perímetro... 😕 Q desastre

  • Taboo Mallard
    Taboo Mallard  7 days ago

    There was nothing lazy about any of this. I just see people doing hard work. Quickly and efficiently.

  • ConstantinV
    ConstantinV  7 days ago

    video shows some technologies made by researchers and engineers. Workers do nothing to put into practice the techniques work.

    VÕ QUYÊN TPACK  7 days ago

    có gì hay đâu mấy cha nội