All You Can Eat STEAMED Hot Pot! New York Hot Pot Buffet Tour Part 2

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 3, 2017
  • Part 2 of the all you can eat New York City Hot Pot tour is complete and here are the places where I went for some great hotpot buffet!
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    1. Thriving Steam Pot

    2. iCook

    3. Hou Yi Hotpot

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  • Azara Andujar
    Azara Andujar  5 days ago

    I love watching your videos! Planning a date sounds like a hotpot night 🤤🥘 thank you

  • daya
    daya  7 days ago

    he said ‘like taylor swift’💀

  • daya
    daya  7 days ago

    he said ‘like taylor swift’💀

  • hecker7000
    hecker7000  28 days ago

    Sea food 🤮🤮🤮

  • hecker7000
    hecker7000  28 days ago

    sea food :-( :-( :-(

  • VioletUnicorn 918
    VioletUnicorn 918  1 months ago

    STOP SAYING “RIGHT NOW!!!!!” 😡😡😡

  • boeuf3000
    boeuf3000  1 months ago +1

    Idk how It can be so enjoyable watching a grown man eat

  • Landon Dautremont
    Landon Dautremont  1 months ago

    Is it just me or when mikey says eat it sounds like yeet

  • Tessa Reams
    Tessa Reams  1 months ago

    Mike: “that’s it for my meal”
    Me: thinks video is over
    Me: clicks phone screen. Realizes there’s over 20 minutes left of the video
    Mike: “and on to the next spot”

    THOR GOD OF THUNDER  1 months ago

    THIS GUY HAS PARASITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valanth
    Valanth  2 months ago

    you have the same audio book I have! I cannot explain how much I fangirled over you also liking LJ Smith, love your videos

  • Aiku Manchi
    Aiku Manchi  2 months ago

    "I love gluten"

  • Mike McCausley
    Mike McCausley  2 months ago

    Loved the stab at Ichirans overcooked egg! You my man, are a culinary comic!

  • hjkljhhkl
    hjkljhhkl  2 months ago

    And here I am with hamberger helper. Lol i just took the noodles. The cheese is my own blend of ghost pepper cheddar, Monterey, and Colby. Cayan, paprika, bit of cumin, salt and pepper and couple more secrets. But solid blend right there

  • Monkey Monk
    Monkey Monk  2 months ago

    I could look up Tailor Swift, but I'll just trust you on that one. Everything but memorable?

  • DeerImHome
    DeerImHome  3 months ago

    All you can yeet steampot Mmmm XD

  • LECyr4
    LECyr4  3 months ago


    So I really wanna try hotpot, but I've got one big problem and a couple smaller problems
    Biggest problem: I'm an INCREDIBLY picky eater so what I will put in my mouth is rather limited. I typically am not a fan of beef or veggies and instead I'm more of a chicken and starch (noodles and potatoes) consumer
    There are a few things I'm willing to try (like some nonfatty pork, egg, and a couple of greens)
    Another problem I've got is I've also got a large family (and that's who I'd go with) so it'd rack up with 7-9 people going (depending on how many family members want to go).
    With all of this on the table, my question is would it be worth pursuing to try it compared to the cost? I only really know of the things that are at a typical hot pot restaurant from these videos so Idk what all is available to choose from.
    Is the risk that I might not really like much of anything realistically worth the cost?
    Any advice would be highly appreciated

  • Izuru Kamukura
    Izuru Kamukura  3 months ago

    Damn he tasted Taylor Swift

  • John Wong
    John Wong  3 months ago

    I watch this guy all the time and I get hungry AF

  • damien helm
    damien helm  3 months ago

    3:50 wait thats mushrooms?!?!