10 Marvel Scenes That Were Almost Impossible To Film

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 8, 2019
  • These MCU Scenes Almost Didn't Happen!
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    The movies of the MCU are polished to a high gloss. There are so few imperfections that it almost seems the films were conjured out of thin air, rather than the result of years of hard work by hundreds of people. Today we’re shining the spotlight on those people and the work they did to turn seemingly impossible problems into what we know as the MCU.

    Some of the hurdles they faced are more obvious, like the filming of Avengers: Endgame’s final battle, where they had to assemble a huge group of some of the world’s busiest, most in-demand actors to one studio all at the same time. As hard that may have been, it proved even more difficult to organize a cameo by the directors kids, who couldn’t get time off from school.

    Then, there were the challenges of mixing CGI with live action actors. Talking to the Hulk, for example, is not the easiest acting task when what you actually see in front of you is Mark Ruffalo in a skintight suit.

    The practical stunts also caused a lot of problems, like when they had to find two Chris Evans lookalike stuntmen to play Captain America when he fights himself in Endgame, or when Tom Holland insisted on trying to do his own stunts.

    There were some less grand problems as well. The scene in the first Iron Man in which Tony Stark has to build an arc reactor while stuck in a cave, was apparently the most challenging of all. Why? Because there was no creative solution. Robert Downey Junior simply had to learn how to work with wires and soldering.

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