We Found the Thieves and Got my Trailer Back! THANK YOU!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
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  • Sp Alexander
    Sp Alexander  2 months ago +1

    Weld in or punch vin all over that trailer. And underneath where most wont look.

  • Chris Kirkland
    Chris Kirkland  3 months ago

    Always weld your name in a hidden are of the trailer

  • Bandit 1516
    Bandit 1516  3 months ago

    I'm glad that you got your trailer back! Scum like those 2 deserve a lot more than just Jail. Especially that career criminal. The pair needs to have shit stolen from them to show them how it feels and how violated that you become once it does happen and of course once they phone the police to report the stolen property hopefully they will get arrested at the point to add salt to the wound because now there will be a warrant out for both of thier arrests. I'm sorry, but that may even still not be enough, but it'll be a great start. Karma is a b***h and justice will be served on to them. Keep up the great content bud. I know this vlog was a few months ago the reason for the late reply is because once I came across your channel I believe I went as far back as a 4 to 5 months and started watching from there. Anyway keep on keepin' on,

    John "Bandit" Runhart

  • redneck wreck
    redneck wreck  3 months ago

    Are you should have brought a gun just if he tries to fight just use the gunliterally that happened around my neighborhood once in the guy didn't get arrested for doing it

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez  4 months ago

    U can built a some caind of protección that use a realy good lok on the top of were u put the other lok..

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez  4 months ago

    Next time make some hide Mark that only u will know were its..!

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez  4 months ago

    Broo its got that Mark just show the video wen u had 2 cut the look..or just cut the hell and took that mf home..

  • Nathan Paul Reddoch Boi Gaming And Friends

    Yall need sonic the hedgehog to save ya trailer

  • Mathew Szymanski
    Mathew Szymanski  5 months ago

    It's awesome you got your trailer back

    ARS ROOF  5 months ago


  • canadiancatgreen
    canadiancatgreen  5 months ago

    Hope they get put in jail for life

  • Casey Novem
    Casey Novem  5 months ago

    I'm am so happy for you that you got it back

  • Redneck Patriot
    Redneck Patriot  5 months ago

    We weld are vin number 3 different places on are race cars race car trailer

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia  5 months ago

    I know how that feels I got my bicycles stolen never found it 600 lost 😭😪😢

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia  5 months ago

    I know how that feels I got my bicycles stolen never found it 600 lost 😭😪😢

  • Andrew DONAGHER
    Andrew DONAGHER  5 months ago

    You should get a Gsm tracker on the trailer

  • Michael Teeple
    Michael Teeple  5 months ago

    You must just be an average guy like me. If you are a cops friend or your dad is involved with courts or law, police come running. If you are like me you can steal and rob me blind and the police tell me what i did to cause it. Bottom line, the police help who they want and do as they see fit.

  • Talha Hashmi
    Talha Hashmi  5 months ago +2

    Hey Randy, how you doing man?
    I'm new to your channel. I've seen some videos and I think is should comment now.
    I saw that video of you grinding the lock where ball bearings coming off and you cut it on 2 places.
    It great your trailer back.
    And I'm meaning to say this. Buddy you're a lucky Son of A Gun.
    You end up buying great cars. Especially that Cadillac SRX. Because, the gaps between the hood and fender and the door was just OEM. I learn a lot from you, thanks a lot for your videos. I studied Biomedical engineering a while ago and knows a thing or about fitness as well.
    Any how, I love your enthusiastic display of video making.
    I have an advice you carry around your gimbal, sometimes you should have a Go Pro. Cause, one hand is always occupied and thst limits you doing a lot. It will effect your video timing as well. Well that's my opinion.
    I had been making videos as well so I know. But mine were more fitness based.
    Take care man. And Congrats

  • James Kenney
    James Kenney  5 months ago

    you basically just dossed two people for stealing your trailer... that might be just a little much don't you think? Now anyone can go to their page that you have showed us and harass them. Don't you think this could have been solved and shown without you posting their social media for everyone to now go to and attack?

  • legsakimbo666
    legsakimbo666  5 months ago

    Metal stamp the vin?