We Found the Thieves and Got my Trailer Back! THANK YOU!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
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  • LandxnLindsey33
    LandxnLindsey33  14 hours ago

    You guys definitely beat the dudes ass

  • Biggbear59
    Biggbear59  2 days ago

    I disagree Randy. You did the right thing. Dangerous or not. He is a stone coward. When confront hey will always back down. You had 4 to 6 people there. That was your back up. You did right young man. Don't ever think doing the right thing is wrong. They will be prosecuted and imprisoned. Your property is in your hands again. That ain't wrong kiddo.

  • Biggbear59
    Biggbear59  2 days ago

    Really glad you got it back. Now take your registration, pull the VIN # and stamp it on the trailer in 4 or more places. Stamp your initials on it too.

  • aaron wood
    aaron wood  7 days ago

    You bought your trailer and I happy you got it back. However I built mine from the ground up. That's personal. And they took one of my dad's trailers at the same time. Cut through a cable with a pair of side cutters. Took them a minute I'm sure. Both trailers had hitch locks. Apparently they took both work the those still on them because we didn't find any piece of the hitch locks. 1- 2020

  • aaron wood
    aaron wood  7 days ago

    Dude you just told every thief in the country how to steal a trailer. Now they know if they remove the Vin number they can keep it.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson  14 days ago +1

    Dude is locked up Randy in prison for 5 years.

  • Inside The Shop
    Inside The Shop  21 days ago

    Everyone needs to etch the VIN into the metal in a hidden place. I've done that to every trailer I own.

  • John Wilburn
    John Wilburn  21 days ago

    I'm appalled you were willing to pay a thief anything for your property. I would have been hooking up to it immediately.

  • The Keto Chief
    The Keto Chief  1 months ago

    did not shoot you did not taz you they would never do that you white not black or brown.

  • A Y
    A Y  1 months ago

    put a hidden mark with your name or company or brand, under body of the trailer, so next time it is very easy to prove its yours.

  • Ace Salvage
    Ace Salvage  1 months ago

    Yup I engraved my vin on and under my trailer

  • ZeroFox Givin
    ZeroFox Givin  1 months ago

    Oklahoma sucks.


    Glad you got your trailer back bro. Good info need to stamp my serial on my trailer 👍✊

  • braddeem
    braddeem  1 months ago

    This might seem like a weird idea.
    What if you get a welder and weld the numbers in to the trailer under the deck where it can't be seen

  • Arney Brittenham
    Arney Brittenham  1 months ago

    The sticker is under where the hitch hook up is and the tape is a acid tape which even if the sticker is peeled off or removed only way to remove that number is to cut that entire piece of metal off. It burns it into the metal

  • Lawrence Jackson
    Lawrence Jackson  1 months ago

    Take the wheels off and put behind shop

  • Lawrence Jackson
    Lawrence Jackson  1 months ago

    Congratulations on getting your property back

  • bbfrankie
    bbfrankie  1 months ago

    That thief is a digusting rat and a diseases infested tweaker. Needed that trailer for meth money.

  • Santa Hansen
    Santa Hansen  2 months ago

    Why are the vin number on a pace of paper?? In Sweden would that be illegal so here you need too have the vin number stamp in the frame

  • Sp Alexander
    Sp Alexander  4 months ago +1

    Weld in or punch vin all over that trailer. And underneath where most wont look.