A Conversation With My PSYCHO EX-Girlfriend!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
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    A Conversation With My.... ex girlfriend to say the least.... this conversation did not end how I anticipated...

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    A Conversation With My PHYSCO EX-Girlfriend!
    A Conversation With My PSYCHO EX-Girlfriend!


  • Josh Rosenthal
    Josh Rosenthal  an hour ago


  • Grace King
    Grace King  2 hours ago

    Lmao, she's probably been stalking him ever since they broke up. She probably was subscribed to his channel, and had notifications and everything turned on, liked all his vids 😂 followed him on everything 😂 oml....

  • Lauren Rayner vlogs

    She’s legit blaming everything on him

  • Arctic Fox Gaming
    Arctic Fox Gaming  4 hours ago

    She kinda snatched him ahahahahah😂

  • Fifi
    Fifi  5 hours ago

    I've seen better acting in a 60's porn video

  • Makenzie Karp
    Makenzie Karp  7 hours ago

    I can’t tell if this is fake

  • Victoria Juarez
    Victoria Juarez  8 hours ago

    she a crazy ass bitch😭🤣

  • EAST SIDE313
    EAST SIDE313  8 hours ago

    This shit fake af...at 16:45 he walked right up to her like it was know big deal she had a big ass hammer, he easily could've grabbed it our at least tried but he didn't do anything besides put himself in harm's way like it was nothing, like he already knew she was just gonna go smash the windshield. As close as he was she could've killed him, she could've done all kinds of shit and he didn't even try to take it from her when he so easily could've....FAKE AF!!

  • R C
    R C  9 hours ago

    Id bang her.

  • Tbbsquad
    Tbbsquad  9 hours ago

    Take a shot every time she says “like”

  • Shado Hill
    Shado Hill  21 hours ago

    Total gold digger trying to lie to get that money.

  • Madison Rosario
    Madison Rosario  23 hours ago

    They both say like so many damn times

  • Fabulously Finley

    Well dang.

  • Griselda Rodriguez

    Thats kind of mean to call her a phyco even though she was right about you using the excuse of saying "well we were really young"

  • uncle spencerr
    uncle spencerr  yesterday

    Shes crazy

  • Reagan MacLean
    Reagan MacLean  yesterday +3

    Okay... let’s get this straight... she is in the video showing her face... but she didn’t want her name revealed. I might be wrong but that makes 0000000000 sense to me. Also she needs to grow up

  • xox Summer
    xox Summer  yesterday

    This girl is obsessed!!!!! Lol

  • Equestrian Life
    Equestrian Life  yesterday +2

    12:44 is when Tanner realized that he screwed up with this video idea 😂

  • Maddey Greene
    Maddey Greene  yesterday

    Again no ones cares.

  • Kya Rittenhouse

    everyone who actually thought this was real🤦‍♀️