BTS - Make It Right (방탄소년단 - Make It Right) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng/가사]

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 12, 2019
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  • 레모링  2 months ago

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  • Let's be honest, this album was the album Hoseok deserved.

  • Karrhynna Nouv  an hour ago

    Kus Maji because namjoon produces these songs he makes them and doesn’t give himself that much lines and Jhope is the Main dancer that’s why toxic army also u should listen to hidden vocals namjoons voice is amazing

  • Maleeha Rahman  26 days ago

    2015 : Hold Me Tight2019 : I can hold you tighterEdit: OMGGGGG I SRSLY GOT SO MANY LIKES?!? BTW TNX A LOT 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • XxGacha_girlxX  3 days ago

    Maleeha Rahman im not gonna say the thing cause i just watched a video about that Heres the link if i can send it

  • Nga Hieu Duong  4 days ago


  • Kaya Aguirre  28 days ago

    💜K💜💜Ki💜💜Kim💜💜Kim N💜💜Kim Na💜💜Kim Nam💜💜Kim Namj💜💜Kim Namjo💜💜Kim Namjoo💜💜Kim Namjoon💜💜Kim Namjoo💜💜Kim Namjo💜💜Kim Namj💜💜Kim Nam💜💜Kim Na💜💜Kim N💜💜Kim💜💜Ki💜💜K💜❤K❤❤Ki❤❤Kim❤❤Kim S❤❤Kim Se❤❤Kim Seo❤❤Kim Seok❤❤Kim SeokJ❤❤Kim SeokJi❤❤Kim SeokJin❤❤Kim SeokJi❤❤Kim SeokJ❤❤Kim Seok❤❤Kim Seo❤❤Kim Se❤❤Kim S❤❤Kim❤❤Ki❤❤K❤💙M💙💙MI💙💙Min💙💙Min Y💙💙Min Yo💙💙Min Yoo💙💙Min Yoon💙💙Min Yoong💙💙Min Yoongi💙💙Min Yoong💙💙Min Yoon💙💙Min Yoo💙💙Min Yo💙💙Min Y💙💙Min💙💙Mi💙💙M💙💜J💜💜Ju💜💜Jun💜💜Jung💜💜J...

  • sara a  35 minutes ago


  • N Silva  yesterday

    this must have took a while

  • Ren - Kun  4 days ago

    2014: boy in luv2019: boy with luv2016: save me2019: im fine2016: am i wrong2019: make it right

  • EnochGaming  22 hours ago

    @Kim Eunri 2018* I'm fine*

  • Pancada Nerd  yesterday

    @Kim Eunri can be an music of the future

  • Jimin's jams  22 days ago

    Teacher:this wrong!Me:then make it right😂😂😂😂😂

  • That's what I said to my teammates at ⚽️.........MAN HE GO PISST OF......oml I can't spell lol

  • hana saku  1 months ago

    I'm not a kpop fan ,but bts really make good music and I just can't deny that

  • Thanks (: 💜

  • The Gamer of the PC  14 hours ago

    @hana saku you kinda remind me of myself, i too was never a fan of any celebrity before but a certain adorkable and talented group got me so hooked up, im sure i csn never escape this blackhole again 😂💜

  • MyLittleGhost  29 days ago

    J-hope’s vocals and Yoongi’s lyrics I’m literally crying 😭😭

  • Same 😭

  • It's Me  18 days ago

    2016 - Am I Wrong2019 - Make It Right

  • Ruskin Bond  8 days ago

    @Masna Junaid Jennie Kim from Blackpink; looks like you are new to this blackhole

  • Masna Junaid  9 days ago

    I am a YG stan & You cant change the fact sorry I suffer from severe retardedness

  • Xian Playz  17 days ago

    *Does anyone notice how long Jin’s neck is?!*Don’t take it seriously its just a joke

  • Thyia Colt  13 hours ago

    Like an alpaca

  • Yull Yuli  yesterday

    I noticed