Dua Lipa Wins Best New Artist | 2019 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
  • Watch Dua Lipa’s speech for Best New Artist at the 61st GRAMMY Awards.Full winners list: https://bit.ly/2SnSTFGAbout the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs: Recording Academy is the world's leading society of musical professionals, and is dedicated to celebrating, honoring, and sustaining music's past, present and future. Connect with the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs: WEBSITE: http://www.grammy.comFACEBOOK: http://grm.my/2gcTcMk TWITTER: http://grm.my/2gDUHUD INSTAGRAM: http://grm.my/2gZGIvJ Subscribe NOW to the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs on YouTube: http://grm.my/1dTBF8H#DuaLipa #BestNewArtist #GRAMMYs


  • Jorden Tually  4 months ago

    I love how she turned the music that was trying to cut her off into an inspirational background music for her message hahaha

  • Erica Garcia  2 months ago

    Swan song

  • Erica Garcia  2 months ago


  • Solo V TV  4 months ago


  • Ashish 5000  2 months ago

    She deserves it but I hope she doesn’t get cursed

  • Solo V TV  3 months ago

    she was on of my favorite and bebe recharge is amazing but she's not that new tho but I see your point of view @Anitha Saji

  • Nsink Papa  4 months ago

    You are perfect Dua😘😘

  • Nsink Papa  1 months ago

    @Anitha Saji and Bebe and Dua they are perfect

  • Anitha Saji  3 months ago

    Bebe is perfect😭

  • 4LIFE  4 months ago

    dua lipa for president !!

  • madd_lena_de  4 months ago

    them putting the music over her speech and then cutting her off was so freaking rude!

  • Emmy Snyder  4 months ago

    B B i’m not trying to be snide, sincerely. When I said the funny thing is, i did not mean it as condescending. I used it to describe the challenges of live broadcasting. I’m not sure why you think everyone here’s out to get you. We’re trying to help you understand our points as much as you with us. I understand what you mean. People should have a specific time limit. What I’m saying is, even if we had a time limit for that (which I’m sure they did) there are other factors that could have shortened that...

  • B B  4 months ago

    @Emmy Snyder lol that snide first sentence though. regardless of anything you said, you're literally arguing for my point. They don't give the categories a specified time limit (that every artist in the category) knows about. Because of this they have to go off schedule. So in the end if every artist knew their time limit it wouldn't be a problem. so every artist would know exactly how to plan their speech if they did win. I mean it should be short and sweet anyways... no one needs a Leonardo Dicaprio...

  • LAK70566 6  4 months ago

    Now here's someone who is actually talented adn deserves this award. Congrats Dua.

  • Azahara Canche  1 months ago

    @InfraMusic ur soo right yassss queen

  • InfraMusic  4 months ago

    @shhh be quiet her style. Her originality. Her unique voice, etc. All those artist are good (except bebe) but dua is great in her own way

  • Sarabelle D.A.  4 months ago

    I don’t know why everyone is mad. Those award shows are meticulously planned and timed so that it can start and end on a specific time. If an artist takes too long it will take time off of another artist’s time and other performances. They are given a time stamp for their speech. That’s just how it is.

  • @Valeria Mia WTF really!!?

  • TTY TOM // TSYLENT  3 months ago

    Looking back at the show, the opening could’ve been cut down. They spent 7 minutes on Gaga, Alicia, Michelle and J Lo’s segment which was about the length of 3 award speeches this year

  • Gabbie Hanna Stan  4 months ago

    I’m actually very surprised that Billie Eilish didn’t even get nominated

  • Huhu Haha  10 days ago

    None of lorde or justin won this award you dummy

  • Dua Lipa Fan  13 days ago

    Cause she wasn't rlly popular in 2018

  • Dorito 04  4 months ago

    She truly deserved this

  • Ben Carron  4 months ago

    But shes been big since like 2015/16 so not really

  • Stella Iman  4 months ago

    She didn't deserve to get her speech cut off like that.

  • matson85  2 months ago

    she talks to much thats way.

  • justice bringer  3 months ago

    @Венци ГеоргиевSerbs are fake people in the bulkans, go back to Russia.