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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 22, 2017
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  • Delroy Miller
    Delroy Miller  2 hours ago

    If Courtney's Godzilla than courtney is my biological son

  • Francos Korner
    Francos Korner  16 hours ago

    Why is Keith dressed like he’s going into the Matrix?

  • camdotcom
    camdotcom  3 days ago

    i love how shayne and olivia can throw just the most random words out there and everyone trusts them unconditionally

  • camdotcom
    camdotcom  3 days ago

    you can see the SECOND that shayne realizes he just has to use daddy as his word

  • Emme Beavers
    Emme Beavers  4 days ago

    Please play this again!!! If love to see Courtney be the Chameleon!! And please do play The Werewolf!!

  • wepee 1
    wepee 1  7 days ago

    Who else saw that Courtney chose Noah the entire time

  • Taylor Evans
    Taylor Evans  7 days ago +2

    i thought he said respect because of san Francisco's gay community

  • Maddie Fennec
    Maddie Fennec  7 days ago +1

    Flamingo Noah

  • TJ’s Music
    TJ’s Music  14 days ago

    Anyone else notice before the second round started the chameleon had to be Keith. He siding check his card to figure out who they were talking about 😂

  • Amanda A.
    Amanda A.  14 days ago

    i don’t get the game how do you know what you’re talking about by numbers

  • Owlex Clack
    Owlex Clack  14 days ago

    The tortoise and the hare is a fable not a fairytale

  • Jane
    Jane  21 days ago

    6:19 why did they say 68 when it’s letters and numbers

  • Tina Forsyth
    Tina Forsyth  21 days ago

    It's fun

  • Tina Forsyth
    Tina Forsyth  21 days ago

    I have this game at home

  • Galaxy Outerspace
    Galaxy Outerspace  21 days ago


  • Callie Quick
    Callie Quick  21 days ago

    i knewwwww it was san francisco ehhehehe

  • Kaos_ Mokuzai
    Kaos_ Mokuzai  1 months ago


  • Lilly The Psycho
    Lilly The Psycho  1 months ago +1

    Shayne read my mind with DADDY

  • mcgaz
    mcgaz  1 months ago

    why is young dave chapelle not taking his bag off? its weird

  • Justin The Fixer's mom.

    Is this the LGBT party game playthrough channel?