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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 19, 2019
  • Relaxing Sleep Music ~ Best Piano Music- Healing Music Time -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Credits: ❋ PeriTune- The Soul of Wind ~- Subscribe: Fanpage: Twitter: with more Beautiful Piano and relaxing music:►Relax Sleeping Music:►Best Piano Music:►Relaxing Piano Music: List:0:00:00 Gentle Theme0:02:12 Nostalgic 20:07:18 Nostalgic0:12:23 Piano Melancholy0:14:35 Gentle Theme 20:17:57 Piano Refreshing0:21:30 Gentle Theme Guitar0:23:45 Nostalgic0:28:48 Gentle Theme 2 Guitar0:32:12 listen again#Piano#Sleep#Relax. . .------------------------------------------------------------☛Music Promotion:If you want to submit a request to promote your music on my channel:- Contact me on the facebook (Send me a PM on my facebook page)- Or send me an email at: ------------------------►All rights belong to their respective owners.✔ This video was given a special license directly from the artists.Feel free to contact me if anything is wrong: ()---------------------------------------_ The Soul of Wind _


  • Fire Dragon  2 months ago

    ~Little Snowflakes~~Is all that it takes~~To lift my spirit andto wake~~Like an earth's song itplayfully makes~~The smoothest of medleysfor all to partake~Snowflakes SnowflakesLittle snowflakes

  • Anh Kiệt Trần  2 months ago

    Lovely poem!

  • Fire Dragon  2 months ago

    @Sky Dreams [^^]

  • Sky Dreams  2 months ago

    Life is a lakeFlowing on a journeyWith stones for a keepsakeWorth more than moneyEach stone represents Growth and changeAcceptance and resentment Love and hateEach one to teachHow one must swayTo the current, gentle, as you wishAs you face each struggle day by dayFor when life grows coldAnd your hands cannot rub warmth And there is no body to holdNo face to greet, no purpose to guardHold on to yourselfAnd plant your roots deeplyInto the soil, and Stare life in the eye and say, "...

  • Nai Oo  2 months ago

    That's a good name

  • Sky Dreams  2 months ago

    Nai Oo haven't given it one though. Maybe I'll just name it " As your last "

  • Anh Kiệt Trần  2 months ago

    _~ Somewhere ... you came to me gently__~ Under the morning sunbeam in the dew,__~ Stared at your face, you smiled friendly,__~ You made everything light up in the view,__~ Days, months and years passed by,__~ Every memory flies to the blue sky,__~ This beautiful eyes like sun rising,__~ Shine everywhere from far horizon,__~ Spring came to bring me your smile,__~ Summer with the sweet rainy days,__~ Fall lets me hold you for a long while,__~ Winter has come, you never fade away,__~ Still...

  • zToxic Anime  2 months ago

    Just take Came out of context and change to too in and you got yourself a Sad sex poem.

  • Antonio José  2 months ago

    Where anime is this letter from?

  • Mellow Kiss Pop  2 months ago

    Good timing cause its already 10 PM here.. (・∀・)MAMA MIAAATYSM FOR 4 LIKESS!! ヽ(´▽`)/

  • Brad F  2 months ago

    -Don't stress over the small things you can't control- Let go of negative people- Count your daily blessings- Remember it's okay to struggle-Never forget people care about you-Tomorrow is a new dayKeep going forward!

  • Nai Oo  2 months ago

    Thx for bring me Joy. You are very kind to take ur time to do all of thisIm going through Depression :(

  • I like it

  • Amu-chan  2 months ago

    Thank you from bringing us this masterpieces :)

  • Amazing piano congratulations

  • Xx demon_hever 6xX  2 months ago

    Maybe second and this is so beautiful....