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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 19, 2019
  • Relaxing Sleep Music ~ Best Piano Music
    - Healing Music Time -


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    Relaxing with more Beautiful Piano and relaxing music:
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    Relaxing Piano Music:

    Track List:
    0:00:00 Gentle Theme
    0:02:12 Nostalgic 2
    0:07:18 Nostalgic
    0:12:23 Piano Melancholy
    0:14:35 Gentle Theme 2
    0:17:57 Piano Refreshing
    0:21:30 Gentle Theme Guitar
    0:23:45 Nostalgic
    0:28:48 Gentle Theme 2 Guitar

    0:32:12 listen again


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    _ The Soul of Wind _


  • Yy Y
    Yy Y  2 months ago

    What is the Song name or URL at 0:02:12? please I need this

  • Franco Molina
    Franco Molina  5 months ago

    Hermoso 💕

  • Dylan Audic
    Dylan Audic  5 months ago

    Coucou tout le monde, je recherche une petite amie envoyez-moi un message ! 😺

  • Dylan Audic
    Dylan Audic  5 months ago

    Hey everyone I'm looking for a girlfriend, I live in France contact me! 😺

  • Дмитрий Иванович

    extremely loud sleep music.

  • Kazami Taku
    Kazami Taku  5 months ago

    it's time to rest 😴 TYVM for BGM TSOW^^

  • Jen Chi No
    Jen Chi No  5 months ago

    @The Soul of Wind that background there is exactly me now.

    The last time u started ur channel, I was still in secondary school, didn't feel the pressure of studying in college/ university.

    Now, I am really feeling it (your pressure while studying). I am impressed with your time management skills and dedication to uploading videos for your subscribers everyday.

    Hopefully, you are doing well now, old friend. :D

    Keep it up! We are almost there to 1M and can we have a face reveal then? :D

    Yours truly,
    Nya Nya :3

  • S2 BMChannel
    S2 BMChannel  5 months ago

    so nice

  • Brad F
    Brad F  5 months ago +6

    -Don't stress over the small things you can't control
    - Let go of negative people
    - Count your daily blessings
    - Remember it's okay to struggle
    -Never forget people care about you
    -Tomorrow is a new day

    Keep going forward!

  • Skelefication
    Skelefication  5 months ago


  • Gioia Arismendi
    Gioia Arismendi  5 months ago

    Your Channel is a haven for me. Thanks for all the work you put in do you please have them on Spotify?

  • 예군
    예군  5 months ago

    Could you tell me where these pictures came from?

  • Ilov3 animals V
    Ilov3 animals V  5 months ago +2


  • Nai Oo
    Nai Oo  5 months ago +7

    Thx for bring me Joy. You are very kind to take ur time to do all of this
    Im going through Depression :(

  • crisDubst43 killer
    crisDubst43 killer  5 months ago +3

    So beautiful.. thank you ❤️

  • Makoto Kanna
    Makoto Kanna  5 months ago +1

    RELAX = @Ls! =((=78/100=))= 😋
    PiCTURE = @Ds! = ((36/50)) 😉
    MUSiC-RELAX = @Ls! = ((42/50))🤗
    @Ds-WORk! 😳😼👍

  • Louise Olausson
    Louise Olausson  5 months ago +3

    .!Good!.👍🏁🏁👍.. ..

  • 신사
    신사  5 months ago +2

    오늘도 잘듣고 갑니다.

    Thank you for listening to Bgm today.


  • Kurt
    Kurt  5 months ago +4

    Sounds like ost of web games but still chill and beautiful

  • asdf zxcv
    asdf zxcv  5 months ago

    which gentle theme is the first one?