Alex Morgan – Player of the Match – England v USA

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 2, 2019
  • Alex Morgan was awarded the #PlayeroftheMatch presented by Visa for her performance against England as USA advanced to the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ Final.

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  • Forrest Man
    Forrest Man  4 months ago

    Everyone look up Christina Hoff Summers

  • Arriaga Two
    Arriaga Two  4 months ago


  • Capychu
    Capychu  4 months ago

    America’s men’s football team is useless against England tho

  • Mahdi Boufaden
    Mahdi Boufaden  4 months ago

    I am Mahdi from Algeria I love you so much my love I hope to be when you think well I wish you success🌺❤🌹🎉🎉🎉🎉😍😍😍😍😚😚😍😍💜💛🎍🎆

  • Godwin Mene
    Godwin Mene  4 months ago

    I do not think it just like it still 1950 wait to 50 yrs USA will never touch that women World Cup they will become like nigeria team like Germany France Argentina Italy Spain and brazil will win women World Cup I think it still in the early days

  • Rajeshwar Sharma
    Rajeshwar Sharma  6 months ago

    Any relation to tea cup celebration and the Russian ex-spy who was killed by radioactive substance from the tea cup?

  • Nick
    Nick  6 months ago

    I come from the Netherlands and since my childhood I dreamed of immigrating to America and I was so happy when America won against the Netherlands. People were like what are you doing? : D

    I am a big fan of Alex Morgan and i am sad there aren't many people who love soccer in the US

  • Francesco Bonfiglio
    Francesco Bonfiglio  6 months ago

    She's a tough lady

  • Squat Shaw
    Squat Shaw  6 months ago

    Morgan e bonita e craque de bola

  • Marcelo Acosta
    Marcelo Acosta  6 months ago

    Amor a primera vista

  • Sreetharen Sugar
    Sreetharen Sugar  6 months ago

    some players love to act/ fake injuries and super good at it ..... i guess Alex Morgan perfected on that drogba, neymar ,C.Ronaldo...etc .i get it its part of tactics used by players on defenders to get red crd ....but Alex Morgan is good player and USA were so good ,Eng back were all over and very poor...its for sure USA would win even without that weird Alex M DIVA moment

    xKICKxGOALS  6 months ago


    xKICKxGOALS  6 months ago

    I'm suprised she stayed on 2 feet for the interview

  • Governo do Planeta
    Governo do Planeta  6 months ago

    simply beautiful, original beauty,

  • im'stark here
    im'stark here  6 months ago

    She is Ronaldo in woman division

  • Sleeping Fox
    Sleeping Fox  6 months ago

    She is so alluring Vixen

  • LiL P One by One 75
    LiL P One by One 75  6 months ago +1

    Morgan i love

  • Neukx L
    Neukx L  6 months ago +1

    So soooooooo pretty

  • KeezyWithABanger
    KeezyWithABanger  6 months ago

    Ummmmummmmm ummmm ummmmn

  • Izac Zentar
    Izac Zentar  6 months ago +1

    She was terrible