Stedman Graham on What Makes His Long Relationship with Oprah Work

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 31, 2019
  • Stedman Graham sat down with Ellen to talk about his new book, "Identity Leadership: To Lead Others You Must First Lead Yourself," and revealed how he and Oprah make their long-lasting relationship work, and why she'd make a great president.#StedmanGraham#Oprah#TheEllenShow


  • Jessica Wade  1 months ago

    I literally have never heard this man speak

  • Stine Hansen  1 months ago

    Jessica Wade Lol I just said the same thing

  • Juliet Brown  1 months ago

    He said I’m dedicated to her happiness. He said he’s confident in who he is! Perfect. I like his thought process!

  • btc_real  1 months ago

    I can imagine the intellectual conversations at home between Stedman and Oprah. I love them both.

  • HouseMDaddict  1 months ago

    Stedman has basically always been the unofficial "first gentlemen"

  • Katie Koehlmoos  1 months ago

    So true. What a class act too. Interesting he wrote about Identity leadership. At first I thought it would he about ego, but it was about self-actualization and he doesn't seem to he egoic at all. On the contrary, he comes across as self confident and humble. I'm impressed.

  • Chi Eg  1 months ago

    Omigod I can imagine Stedman and Oprah making vegetarian pasta and talking about self-actualization!

  • Wanda D  1 months ago

    Well said, Stedman, in other words don’t allow people to write your life story

  • Beautifulliar93  1 months ago

    The way he talks maybe he should run for president

  • Olivia Sullivan  1 months ago

    I mean, come on people. If you're a real Oprah fan you'll know Stedman is an author, eloquent speaker, academic and great dancer. He's not a regular but he has made a few appearances on the show. He's also waltz with Oprah on the show. A world class citizen!

  • Reena  1 months ago

    Ellen is hilarious 😂with throwing him under the bus about the store bought baked good

  • K W  3 days ago

    Ikr 😂😂😂

  • Merrilee M.  1 months ago

    I've always admired how secured Stedman is with himself! Oprah found that "needle in a haystack" when she found him. Love them both!

  • Merrilee M.  1 months ago

    Typo - I meant secure rather than secured

  • Cathleen Marie  1 months ago

    No wonder Oprah loves him.Mr. Graham is super intelligent, a loyal partner, and Oprah’s true love.