2018 GK U.S. Classic - Olympic Channel Broadcast

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
  • July 28, 2018 - Schottenstein Center - Columbus, Ohio

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  • claralyn Linklater

    46:36 those girls in the backround😂

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana  7 days ago

    The gymnastics are definitely my favorite sport out of the entire olympics

  • Angelina Midkiff
    Angelina Midkiff  9 days ago +2

    i go to az sunrays (aka jades gym) and she’s actually so nice and humble she shouldn’t have a dark music that is not her personality

  • TR Sines
    TR Sines  14 days ago

    Is it just me or is one of the commentators a Biles hater? Dang dude, she won so much last year, chill out and stop bringing her down for what I'm guessing are your own insecurities with her coach or something. He's OVERLY happy that someone got ahead of Biles, but remember these people will likely be a TEAM together so don't get too competitive between them

  • Addi The gymnast
    Addi The gymnast  14 days ago

    Sydney Morris went here!!

  • dsauce223
    dsauce223  18 days ago

    They said Simone is the best female gymnast of all time. I think she might flat out be the best gymnast of all time, never mind the gender.

  • Marianne .x
    Marianne .x  23 days ago

    is it not unfair how artistic, creative and elegant female gymnasts have to be during floor whereas men barely "perform" at all? it always bugged me that I had to dance and put on a show and the guys only tumbled

  • Sam Serrao
    Sam Serrao  23 days ago

    Everybody in this comment section is like "what about all the other girls?!". Sorry, but Biles is the best in the world by a mile. It's like when Messi is playing. He outshines everyone, even when he isn't necessarily always that much better. People are in awe of Biles because she's a rare athlete. The others can do equal skills and even get better scores, but people will still look to see what Biles is doing because she's in a different class altogether. Stop complaining and nitpicking about her being "overrated" and how for two seconds some other girl was better. Just be thankful that we have all this on video, and get used to people only paying attention to her.

  • Heather Stewart
    Heather Stewart  24 days ago

    I love simone biles

  • Kimberly Equestrian
    Kimberly Equestrian  25 days ago +1

    Simon just makes it look easy

  • L M
    L M  28 days ago

    I watched gymnastics as a kid, but only started again for the last summer Olympics. I have to say the landings they do now on the floor routine with feet together, looks painful and stiff. I get it is probably harder to do, but yikes

  • Shister Adria Crocs
    Shister Adria Crocs  a months ago

    The world and everyone else is quaking in their boots

  • Mariska Post
    Mariska Post  1 months ago

    Simone Biles is amazing

    NOWADAYS FLEXIBLE  1 months ago

    I don't like simon bikes I like Reagan smith and kaitlyn ohshi

  • Sam Carson
    Sam Carson  1 months ago +1

    calling the top 8 names during the award ceremony and the camera's only focused on simone's face. she's excellent, but give the other's some spotlight please. i want to see more of their routines during rotation breaks not a rerun of all of simone's that we've already seen

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee  1 months ago

    Suck you 121 people

  • Izabel Chuklochak
    Izabel Chuklochak  1 months ago +1

    Reagan a little rusty lookout Reagan

  • Seth_Acolyte 123
    Seth_Acolyte 123  1 months ago

    i lost my freakin mind when someone chose legend of korra music for their floor exercise!!!!!!!

  • Andrea Cardinale
    Andrea Cardinale  1 months ago

    I love Simone but gabby is amazing 😉

    ASAP USMLE  1 months ago

    59:30. She needs a new coach.