Jennifer Lopez - Motown Tribute (Grammy Awards 2019)

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 11, 2019
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  • Netta2  5 months ago

    I thought this was a very well done performance by Miss Jlo, you can tell she put her all into it. Because she knew she had a lot of pressure lol. I felt like the salsa was also appropriate, those drums are very indigenous. The placement was perfect. Those drums helped to influence Motown. And they were born in Africa. She stayed true to the music. This is actually one of my favorite performances of hers. Her songs and performances with her ex are amazing too. She always kills salsa! She thrives when p...

  • Kevin Rosado  1 months ago

    Netta2 it runs in her veins 😍🇵🇷

  • Randy Blü  2 months ago

    Netta2 i like this comment it summed up the vibe.

  • Keisha Flowers  2 months ago

    Great performance I just wonder how much of it was her real voice

  • K.S.G _91  3 months ago

    I actually enjoyed it. I was iffy about it as everyone else was but she did great! Jlo may not be the best singer but that girl is DEFINITELY a performer!

  • Virgin LOve 8  4 months ago

    J Lo I didn't think she would do so hot....but, J Lo did a pretty damm good job👏👏👏👏

  • LaTisha Boykin  3 months ago

    Who's here because of her breakfast club interview 2019?

  • Nadja Nadja  4 months ago

    Talk about whatever, just acknowledge That she is nearly 50 years old, unbelievable

  • M D  23 days ago

    She sounds amazing. Very few artist can do this all while dancing

  • Whitney Stanley  5 months ago

    The performance wasn't bad, it was enjoyable. However, I would have loved a more soulful sound. Good job, J. Lo.

  • Darlene Harper  2 months ago

    Dam she did a great job to go Jlo🙏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🎤🎶🎶🎼🎼💯🔥🌷

  • Lrf82  5 months ago

    I am glad she got vocal lesson

  • Randy Blü  2 months ago

    Lrf82 fact is that the guy (not neyo) theres a guy in the piano who is literally her vocal coach.