Best Moments from 2019 Grammy Awards: BTS, Drake, Camila Cabello, Cardi B | Billboard News



  • OK dont come and hit me ,,,, tbh some of the artists that won the GRAMMYS are overrated

  • Kpop Fan  (3 days ago))

    +Mariyah Styles no their not . They came from a small company they needed to perform in the streets . They gave people free tickets to their concerts because who bought them weren't many people . And now their the most popular group in the world of one reason . TALENT (Sorry for my bad english)

  • Bubblegumgamez 57  (4 days ago))

    Aim Mikasa So what. Why do you care so much. Like Goddamn it’s not your life.

  • Jimmie N  (Feb 12, 2019))

    Anyone still think about her ex group watching Camilla so successful? Lol

  • xprrj  (Feb 13, 2019))

    WO0 yEAHHH Yep, and on her first try. Admired even by Nicki and Beyonce ;)

  • WO0 yEAHHH  (Feb 13, 2019))

    So successful ? Shes had one hit lol

  • Thanos  (Feb 11, 2019))

    This event still exists?

  • tea  (6 days ago))

    Thanos.. you are existing to ? still ?

  • fatma naz yılmaz  (6 days ago))

    Hey, don't kill iron man

  • HippoButtSecks  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Have BTS in the title but only talk about them for 10seconds...

  • Gama Raskardana  (Feb 13, 2019))

    Their stupid fans can make a lot of money

  • Vince Konde  (Feb 13, 2019))

    +Capricorn Of January 4th Bakugou vs Deku there is something wrong with that

  • dannaa. m  (Feb 11, 2019))


  • +CarlerblueI cringed while reading your comment, cringed. What do they have to do with Grammys, tell me yeah? They had a US career, at least psy did for a while anyway, that's about it, jyp himself knew wg's debut in us wasn't it, sis barely lasted the charts for a week and not even in a high position and you wanna talk about Grammys, that doesn't mean they went to Grammys or are in any position bts is in right now. Period. Also, I'm sure you know bts very well to know if they'd 'feel bad', yeah yeah ...

  • Flash357  (Feb 11, 2019))

    +Sophie ofc He was there in the audience, but he WASN'T INVITED by the GRAMMY group themselves. He was invited by the Chinese Music media Group. Also, only Lay was invited, but not the rest of the EXO. I guess Grammy allows certain amount of slots for Chinese Music media group. They in turn gave the slot to Lay. It basically is like Me buying a ticket to the show as an audience. BTS were in a seat designated BY the GRAMMY group.

  • cc lj  (Feb 11, 2019))

    I'm a Camila Cabello fan passing by a comment section flooded by BTS fans 😂 lol hi

  • Bungtan  (Feb 13, 2019))

    Well hiiBts loves camila

  • Qiana Likes Kpop  (Feb 12, 2019))

    cc lj hi. (STAN BTS) Lol sorry

  • Kendra.A Childress  (Feb 11, 2019))

    No mention of Childish Gambino? He took home like 3 awards wtf?

  • Hazy Starlight  (Feb 12, 2019))

    raekendyk Childish Gambino is this guy called Donald Glover. I think some of his more famous songs are This is America and Redbone. He’s also an actor

  • Stan CL  (Feb 12, 2019))

    Kendra.A Childress yet they talk about bts and they did nothing except give someone else an award

  • Sangsangi Renthlei  (Feb 11, 2019))

    BTS looks sooo dashing....such fine gentlemens

  • ; -ocean- ;  (Feb 12, 2019))

    +That face when you cheated And got away with it No problem !! Btw, their comment is gone ! 🤠

  • Alyssa Smith  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Who else is tired of Havana lol.

  • Qiana Likes Kpop  (Feb 12, 2019))

    Alyssa Smith I hate it so much.

  • Starhunter Terra  (Feb 12, 2019))

    Yeah, is a catchy but annoying at the same time song.

  • jeon-ily  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Even though BTS didn’t win ta Grammy, they still made history by being the *first Korean Boy Band to be attending the Grammys*

  • jeon-ily  (10 hours ago))

    K Hemalata oh thank you for telling me, I’ll change it to first korean boy band. Thank you

  • jeon-ily  (10 hours ago))

    Exo Kai no, I stan exo, black pink, twice, seventeen. Don’t assume