Here's Why A Lamborghini Murcielago Tune-Up Costs $3,000+ (TOTAL RIP OFF!)

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 26, 2019
  • Subscribe! ► Every Day Channel► Us On Patreon ► Shirts and Merch! ► I completed a tune-up on my cheap Fast & Furious Lamborghini Murcielago, and it was pretty easy, aside from the obvious lack of maintenance that the car has had in the past. Also, the oil. And coolant. And the smoke. THE. SMOKE. Questions? Comments? Business inquiries? Email me at Equipment: Teng Tools 715 Piece Mega Master Tool Kit - TCMM715N► on Social: Instagram ► ► ► used in this video:NIVIRO - You [NCS Release]► by Joakim Karud► by Moondragon► Bash - Ghosts [NCS Release]►


  • Grünkohlaktionär
    Grünkohlaktionär  3 months ago +1354

    How’s it going guys, my name is Lamborghini and today we‘re gonna be working on Tavarish’s wallet

  • Masterk99999
    Masterk99999  3 months ago +327

    Tavarish is the only person I know who owns two Lambo's but can't afford a shop-vac.

  • STimedic1
    STimedic1  3 months ago +124

    I would've blown the air from the clean side to dirty side...but that's just me.

  • nilatac115
    nilatac115  3 months ago +62

    92 Lamborghini dealerships disliked your video 😂

  • Engine Informant
    Engine Informant  3 months ago +106

    lol its been awhile since i last "recharged" a K&N but last I remember it said "DO NOT use forced air to clean"

  • B Kopp
    B Kopp  3 months ago +549

    At least you lubed up your lift. It's ready for another 3,000 lifts.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith  3 months ago +51

    You have a gasket leak in those two spark plug cylinders.. this means valve cover needs to come off

  • Justus Moritz
    Justus Moritz  2 days ago +1

    What happens when you don't gap the spark plugs? I don't remember doing that when I installed some iridiums in my 944, what would be different if you forget to do it?

  • Wolfie R8
    Wolfie R8  3 months ago +49

    Tavarish: * struggles to mount hose for probably more than 20 minutes *
    Also Tavarish: Alright so it wasn't actually that hard

  • steven rommen
    steven rommen  3 months ago +39

    Me beeing Dutch and hear him say bougie (Dutch name for spark plug) epic

  • Alex Richardson
    Alex Richardson  3 months ago +26

    yeah... thats not how you gap plugs, thats a really good way to crack the ceramic

  • Boyd Phelps
    Boyd Phelps  yesterday

    Whoa. Whats with that broken and rusted section of the rear subframe around 11:30

  • Ram Mich
    Ram Mich  3 months ago +9

    Chrisfix can put a camera anywhere

  • dariusz czekaj
    dariusz czekaj  3 months ago +17

    Hollywood cars... Mickey mouse did a number on that filter.

  • NyfeNyte
    NyfeNyte  3 months ago +622

    Tavarish: This is my 2003 Murcielago, that was screen used in Fate of the Furious

  • Joe Doran
    Joe Doran  3 months ago +2

    Love this vid so informative with the odd laugh here an there great vid look forward to more updates on the lambo soon 🙂

  • Don Rico
    Don Rico  3 months ago +9

    You really came a long way from working at home in your garage to your own shop much respect I love your work and the Jedi welder guest appearance 🤝

  • spectremanLIVE1
    spectremanLIVE1  2 months ago +2

    The "trouble hose" runs parallel to the chaos pan, right???😁

  • ast0nv8
    ast0nv8  3 months ago +16

    Suprised you didn't get the Tony the welding Jedi to weld that rusting metal cross bar.

  • rusty2029
    rusty2029  3 months ago +357

    You need to get the vibranium spark plugs from Wakanda