Andy Makes Grilled Short Ribs with Pickled Daikon | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • When most people think short ribs they think, "low and slow." Andy shows us how to quickly grill short ribs to absolute perfection. Andy also adds pickled daikon slices that pair perfectly with the short ribs.Check out the recipe here! haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► BON APPÉTITCook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. Andy Makes Grilled Short Ribs with Pickled Daikon | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  • dnguyen253  11 months ago

    Andy's comment section is thirsty af lmao

  • Camilo Ordoñez  6 days ago

    So are the ones from Brad's, Claire's and Molly's videos.

  • KFD JMH  6 months ago

    dnguyen253 ikr it’s weird

  • Lindsay Daly  11 months ago

    *"If you wanna season them lightly, that's your choice....if you like bland food."* the SHADE Andy I'm living.

  • Kadie Lawrence  9 months ago

    I LOVE THIS lol

  • starstrukk723  11 months ago

    How did I skip the shade lol

  • biggie TALLS  11 months ago

    * *mentally marinates Andy in various seasonings and sauces* *

  • Joseph Robinson  6 months ago

    This comment made my night.

  • Liam Naopole  8 months ago


  • Aiden Vega  11 months ago

    stomp on my neck with your balenciagas and generously season me with kosher salt DADDY

  • fred dee  8 months ago


  • John Nieto  10 months ago


  • Brad - THIS IS HOW I TALK!!!!!!

  • James Mandla  11 months ago

    +MoreAmerican No, he said 'I didn't know you were shooting, I'm sorry!'

  • scrambledegg81  11 months ago


  • Jane H  11 months ago

    3:24 Oooh he's salty AND shady

  • Lay Jak  9 months ago

    I made this tonight for dinner after watching the video. EXCELLENT. Best marinade I've ever made. This has earned it's keep in my recipe book. The only things I changed were: Lime instead of lemongrass stalk (as I couldn't find lemongrass stalk locally), 5 cloves of garlic instead of 3, and I used 3 fresnos with 1 home-grown Scorpion pepper in stead of 4 Fresnos. Flavor profile was excellent. All the nuances came out in the meat. The pickled Daikon was excellent to add texture and complimented the meat...

  • Demetri davis  5 months ago

    This has nothing to do with all the work you did in your cooking.... but you're very attractive

  • diamondlightningg  11 months ago

    Andy was especially sassy today.

  • John Nieto  10 months ago

    diamondlightningg it’s the new kicks. Sis was feelin herself. For good reason.

  • Bran Miller  11 months ago

    I see Andy is feeling particularly sassy today.😏

  • Kevin Phanthavong  11 months ago

    Bran Miller it’s the Triple S’s

  • Cindy Cho  11 months ago

    “Just smashing this down.” GET THAT ALLICIN GOING! 😂